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Breakfast at Theobroma’s and ice cream

Today I went with my friend X for a coffee and breakfast at Theobroma Chocolate lounge in Melbourne Central. It is just around the corner from Cafe Torre opposite the United Benetton of Colours shop. It is right near the entrance to La trobe st, so whilst we were eating two birds came in.
Here they sell lots of cute gifts and yummy chocolates! I was eyeing them for a while.
Here they do lots of great breakfast and lunch deals one of which is the $7.50 juice/tea/coffee and bacon and egg roll. X bought this. I got the veggie breakfast with a short black ($12.50 altogether). The wait for the drinks was not long but the wait for the food was about half an hour. I could not understand why since we were the only ones eating in.

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X’s bacon and egg roll came out way before my veggie breakfast. She was halfway through her breakfast when mine came to the table. She and I could not understand why. Food should always come out together and just after the drinks come, not half an hour later.
My coffee was good though. I wouldn’t mind coming back for the drinks. The cups are so cute! X really did enjoy seeing them.
My baked beans were terribly meh because they were canned beans, not homemade. But the other stuff was quite good, although I think that they put too much oil in the mushrooms and the eggs were a little watery. X really liked her bacon roll and was willing to come again.
I bought some chocolates and yummy macaroons (those at $1.90 each). Altogether my chocolate purchase came to $9.20. They were handmade and tasted great. I think they were made by a chocolatier. I think Eat, Play, Shop might like to come here and buy the chocolates for herself and her bubs. The macaroons were a bit squashed from being in my bag for a while

If you don’t mind the wait and the mediocre beans, then this is the place for you. If you love chocolate, this is also the place for you.

Later on I went to Limonetto in Docklands. It was such a warm afternoon and I’m on the hunt for good ice cream. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a long time, but just that it looked expensive. It turns out that it is not so expensive. Prices range from $4.50-$7 for ice cream. Some of the ice cream at Docklands I had was worse and was more expensive, but for $6.50 at this place you get a waffle stick and three really good flavours of ice cream.

The guy working there told me that this place was popular with the locals and he was right, because after I left, more people came to visit. He also told me that the strawberry and the limonetto special were popular. They tasted really nice today
There is no seating at the shop. Instead you can sit outside on the fake grass or on one of the wooden seats and watch the boats go by. This is lovely on a summers day when it is not too hot, provided that you remember your hat of course.

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la delicatezza and brother baba budan and ramen ya

I went to La Delicatezza in Newmarket. I have seen this place before when I was going past on the tram and train and their meats and fresh cheeses enticed me to go in. This place is opposite the train station and in zone 1.
It is a small shop selling pantry goods and small goods, as well as a cafe with a homely feeling. They also sell Italian drinks.
The guy there was really friendly with his customers and that added to the homely feeling.
I had a ristretto and a banana bread ($5 in cash altogether- the place has a policy of no eftpos for purchases under $10)
The ristretto was a little small for the size but it was only $1. The banana bread tasted more like cake. I did like the jam and the butter. The jam was freshly made and not from Cottees or some other canned brands that you buy at the supermarket. This was actually homemade.

2) Brother Baba budan
This shop sells only coffees and a small amount of pastries not lunch items. I’m glad that its ranked number 23 on and everyone seems to like it: kran and nina,, etc all like it.
Their coffee is done by Seven seeds and this another place that has a homely feeling to it. It was crowded when I went with everyone buying takeaway coffees.
My mocha and biscuit came to $7 and they were both nicely done (note: they do have an eftpos minimum of $20).

3) Ramen ya
This was also a busy place and they also had the same eftpos policy of minimum of $20, except in happy hour which is a minimum of $10.
It is in a laneway in GPO.
Here they don’t sell sushi, but instead they sell ramen and bento boxes as well as Japanese dessert. All their bento boxes are $10 with the option of adding green tea and msio soup for $4. I got a tofu bento box  with green tea for $12.50. Their ramen sets for $13 (or was it $14) are huge! It is enough to feed you.
If you are not familiar with Japanese food they also have some plastic models of the food which you can see and then make up your mind.

Here everything is authentic and I loved the green tea today. It is real Japanese. The only thing I didn’t like was the rice in the bento box. It was cold and a wee bit squishy. But other than that it was all good. The tofu was soft and delicate which I liked and the salads were really fresh.
I would come back here with a friend. I’m glad that Eat and be merry for tommorrow we diet, I-hua, Pooh in the Kitchen, Gastrology etc enjoyed it.

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Chocolate at Pellegrini’s

Pellegrini’s is a popular place and it is highly rated on It is also mentioned in the Age Good cafe guide.
This place is about two minutes walk from Parliament station. I have been past this place a few times on my way to Bundoora campus. It was a cold rainy day when I visited. I felt like hot chocolate and didn’t have much money to buy the other stuff.
The interior was dark and retro. The cafe was really quiet for a place which is ranked number 18 on Urbanspoon.
That’s weird that they don’t have a menu. I tried to ask the guy that served me but he said no. I didn’t know how much the cakes were and they only had limited food on display. So I just ordered a hot chocolate which was a bit meh for $3. It was thick, but not as foamy as I liked it. It also had no cafe art to it. I love a bit of cafe art on my coffees.
The guy did seem a little creepy. I think he wanted to get rid of me.

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Coffee and Lunch in nearby places.

Today I felt like going nearby so I went to Crumbs Organic bakehouse and Chew Chew in Moonee Ponds.
1) Crumbs Organic bakery
The shop is opened from 6:30am-6pm weekdays and 8am-3pm weekends. This is located in Union road Ascot vale (zone 1) on the number 57 tram line. In the Age good cafe guide the opening hours were advertised from 10am-6pm weekdays and from 8am-3pm weekdays. But management had decided to change the hours for the better. The hours were changed in May.
This cafe is vegan and very healthy. It is also a bakery, hence there are no cooked breakfasts sold here. Here they sell lovely bread, juices, pastas, coffee beans, cakes, pizza slices, milk etc.
The lady there was really friendly and knows her customers well. She was a very lovely asian lady.
Here there is a bit of room for a pram and a small family. There is room for a communal table as well as two small tables.

Everything is priced under $10. Pizza slices were $4 and they are delicious! I had the one with the mushrooms and the spanish onions and they were good. The onions were caramelized nicely. The pizza was really hard to cut though.
I had a ristretto with a dollop of milk ($3.50 per cup). It  it was not as bitter and as strong as I would have liked it, but it was still good.
I bought one of the recommended muffins by the waitress. It was white chocolate and raspberry one ($3.60 each). It’s expensive but yum.
All in all it was a great day out and I would recommend that students pay a visit to this place as they have excellent food for a very affordable price.
2) Chew chew- It is opposite the Moonee Ponds train station (zone 1). It has a very rustic feeling. Today I had a vegetable panini ($9.50) and it was very cheesy… in fact the cheese drowned out most of the vegetables.
I would love to come back here for a coffee.
They are only open during the day and not for dinner.

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Eat at The Boulevard cafe (Poyntons)

The Boulevard cafe is in a nice quiet spot on the Boulevard along the Maribynong river. Here it attracts walkers (such as myself), students (such as myself), families and the elderly that live in the surrounding areas. It is in zone 1 and the bus 467 is just around the corner and up a hill (if travelling from Moonee Ponds  station you just need to catch the bus outside the station and alight at the last stop). Or if you are travelling from the city and newmarket you can catch the 57 tram to Maribynong Park and then walk on the path for about 15 mins. Or you can ride your bike there and park it at the bike racks outside. There is car parking too. Today was the first day of the school holidays and there were a few parents with their young kids in there.
They do have a lovely courtyard outside and the cafe is inside the nursery, so you can see all the lovely plants as you enter the cafe.
The manager there is quite lovely and I think he really likes his customers. They are a part of the Entertainment book program where it is 25% off the total bill, but somehow I threw it out because the last time I went there the food was pretty average. I went there after my walk to enjoy a iced chocolate, seeing as it was a hot day. I figured I might give them another chance.

All the meals there are pretty pricey. The prices range from $7 (for a bowl of chips) to about $30. The salads were very pricey too. And I saw that someone ordered one of the salads and the serving looked tiny.
The service here was a tad slow. It took a while for me to get a menu and be seated. I think the waitress forgot to ask whether I was here for coffee or what. She did ask someone else later on if they were here for a coffee, and they WERE WHITE CAUCASIAN!!!!
The tiramisu that I ordered was darn expensive for a small piece! It was $8.30. It was a small piece with not much but lots of cream. So my guess was that it was only $4-$5 per piece. The iced chocolate however was decent and I can’t complain. This is much better than the one at Max Brenner where it can cost anywhere between $5 and $8. This one is not as sweet as the one at Max brenner which I love.
If you were to come here again, I’d advise you not get the tiramisu, but the other cakes and waffles as they are much better value. And go for the coffees (Cafe Mio range) and chocolates.
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Morning tea @Grigons and Orr in north Melbourne.

I went to Grigons and Orr on my way to class this morning. I felt like a hot chocolate and a nice dose of scones. After having read about Grigons and Orr from other people’s blog I decided it was time for a visit.
Grigons and Orr is on the corner of Queensberry and Chetwynd sts North Melbourne and is in zone 1. It is also in the city saver zone. Take the number 57 tram and get off at the corner of Victoria and Chetwynd sts. It is about a one minutes walk from there.
This place attracts a lot of international students as well as local students. It also attracts inner city workers.They are also a little old fashioned grocery shop. This place really reminded me of the time when I was visiting friends at SHAC in 2008. It also reminds me of RUSU realfoods. It has this homely American feeling about it.
They do lots of home made meals some of which are gluten free and vegan. They also freshly bake their goods too which is nice to see.
They have Bonsoy and I’ve read that they make their own milk.
I had a hot chocolate ($3.50) and a plate of two big scones, jam and clotted cream ($4). I have been looking for the perfect scones and found them here in Grigons. They are a little bit crumbly but the jam and clotted cream goes well with them. The guy that served me said that they were baked an hour before I got here. It would have been nicer with the Devonshire tea, but I didn’t feel like it.
The hot chocolate was in one of the tall glass cups just like the ones at Max Brenner. The ones at Max Brenner charges around $6 for this and it is not as good as this (they are sickly sweet). The hot chocolate was homemade. My guess is that they used their own milk. Either way it was really good. It even had a hint of malt which I liked.

someone else’s blt. Doesn’t it look nice???

Someone else’s breakfast- I can’t remember what this is.

Worcheshire sauce

I’d might make a return visit with my friend soon and I encourage all RMIT and Melbourne Uni students as well as anyone that lives near or in North Melbourne to visit whenever they can.

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Clifton Hill- shopping and breakfast

I went to Clifton Hill on my way to RMIT Bundoora. It is a very friendly area located in zone 1. A few bus routes from Moonee Ponds and city go there as well as the number 86 tram from Bundoora RMIT and city goes there.
All the locals like to go past the very famous Queens parade. This is known for their good coffee shop Cavalleri and fruit shop Mecca Bros. There is also a few other shops too, such as a lovely florist shop and Bakers Delight.
First stop: Mecca Bros.

Here this is a greengroccer recommended by The Age shopping guide. Here they not only sell fruits and vegetables, they also sell dairy foods, breads, organic foods and pantry goods. Most of the grocceries were priced between $3-$12 per kg. I was able to sneak in a few pictures before I was told off.
I got an apple and two mandarins, as I forgot to bring fruits from home.
The lady that served me was just ok. But the guy there was friendly.
Second stop: Cavallini.

Cavallini is not only a cafe, its also a bakery specialising in homemade breads, pastries and other goods. You can buy bread from here. They also sell gelatis.
It was really crowded which was a good sign. Although they look like they don’t have a lot of seating there is seating at the back in the courtyard. Dogs are most welcome.
They are really good at doing macaroons as well and they have a special flavour of the week. This week’s flavour was chocolate mint. Here this was flavoursome and it was only $2.40. If you buy six of them you only pay $12.
I also bought a mocha with their flavour of the week and a chocolate crossaint with the recommendation from the lady that served me. Altogether it was $9.60 and it was worth every cent. The pastry was baked really nicely and I enjoyed my breakfast.
Although I couldn’t see the artwork of the mocha it was good. Not too sweet and not too coffee like. I can taste hints of coffee flavour. But I did spill some on myself on the tram.
Kudos to the friendly lady who recommended the crossaint to me. I will be back maybe with Miss Adriennely to try some of the savoury sandwiches.

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Eat @the Verb Cafe, Newmarket

I went to The Verb cafe, after missing my train and then having to wait about 25 minutes for the next one, because the next one decided to come very late. ARGGGH!!!.  I didn’t want to wait out in the cold alone. So I went to the Verb cafe on the corner and across the road from the train station (in zone 1). Also the number 57 tram stops at Newmarket station.
Here they have a lovely retro setting. A few years back it used to be a bookshop, but now it is just a cafe with a bookshelf full of books for people to read. It is a little organic cafe. It was recommended in the Age Good Cafe guide. I can tell by all the brands they have and the paper cups that they have. RUSU realfoods has these too.

They have indoor and outdoor seating, but I wasn’t sure of the time so I got takeaway. I’m glad that I did, because the guy that was doing my chocolate was quite slow.
The lady there, looking like she was half asleep was friendly and knowledgeable. I think that she is a student. She was the one that recommended the honey walnut biscuit (about $2 I think). It was really lovely, but a bit too crumbly and a bit too moist. All the moisture went onto the takeaway bag.
The hot chocolate ($3.30 for a small and $3.80 for a medium) was really nice. It was frothy, unlike the coffee I got at Plantation. I forgot to take a picture of my hot chocolate.
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Breakfast at Ikea

Ikea is a big furniture and homewares department that is in Richmond. This company is from Sweden. They have lots of cheap things for you to take home. The store is in Victoria plaza, near the corner of Victoria and Burnley sts (zone 1). Here you can catch a 109 tram from the city to this or you can do what I did which is take the trams 75 or 48 to Bridge rd and then just walk ten minutes from there.
But they also have a cafe and mini market. It is here that I went to to try their delicious and cheap food. Here they have breakfast food that is priced under $5. Their meals are priced between $2.50-$3 and hence this is mainly self serve. There are some gluten free and vegetarian meals here. There is a free membership to the IKEA family club and that entitles one to discounts such as free coffee.
I had a vegetarian breakfast, cinnamon scroll, hot chocolate and some Swedish cake that I don’t remember the name of. But hey it was really nice. Altogether it was $7.95. Sweet!
But the hot chocolate you had to do it yourself without any help with the machine. Mine turned out to be watery. I like it when they do it for me, like they used to. It was all nice and foamy. Its not the same.
But the breakfast filled me up though. I would have liked it a bit better if they had provided some sauce. And its great that they didn’t provide bread, instead two potato hashbrowns. This is more healthier this way.
I loved the cinnamon scroll. It was nice with lots of bursts of flavour.

Later on I went to the Swedish food market which is outside the check out.  Here they had lots of cheap food and specials for you to take home and enjoy. Here everything is between $10-$20. You can also find chocolate, coffee and tea for around $3-$6.  I also found out that my cake is sold here in big bundles. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures and the security guy was watching me like a hawk. A tip to them: next time if you want shoppers to look around don’t employ security guards that watch people like a hawk and not be friendly. If you don’t want people taking pictures just put a sign saying no pictures allowed!

This really reminded me of a school canteen or a boarding school dining hall. When you have finished your food you have to put your tray of dirty dishes in the big trolleys and the kitchen staff will empty it.  Here it was filled with young mums and kids and I reckon that Eat, Play and shop and Miss Adriennely would love to come here.
To the lady that served me: it would have been nice if you asked me if I know how to use the machine or at least smile, instead of look dead tired.I got confused using the machine and couldn’t ask for help.
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N-lee bakery and a visit to collins place

N-tran bakery is a Vietnamese bakery. There are two stores in Melbourne, one in the city and the other in Smith st Collingwood.
I went to the one in the city because that is close to where I work. It is easily accessible by the routes 109, 112, 48 and 31 trams. You get off at the corner of exhibition and collins st and turn left if from the city or the south side and turn right if you came from the eastern suburbs.
Alternatively you can catch a train to Parliament station and get out on the Collins st side. Walk towards exhibition st and turn right. It is on the corner of Lt Collins and Exhibition sts opposite Bridie Mc Reileys.
The place was really busy and there were queues from the doorway inwards. The servers there were too busy and I had to wait in the queue.
They have limited food, mainly sandwiches and soups. But they do have Bhanh mi (A vietnamese sandwich with meat, Vietnamese salad, cucumber and   parsley) for $5.50. But if you wanted chicken it is an extra $1.00. There is one vegetarian sandwich though.
So I had that as well as hot chocolate about $3.50.  The Bhanh mi was better than the one that was served last year at the Taste of Melbourne by Longrain. This Bhanh mi was not soggy and the pate was lovely. I would have liked a bit more pickled carrots though. It looked a bit small but very tasty though.
The guy next to me ordered soup and his soup was huge for $5.50. Note to self: next time when I’m here I should go for the soup.

The hot chocolate came halfway through the meal, which was a bit strange. I thought that it would have come before my sandwich. But never the less I liked it. It was filling.

But I just couldn’t resist a sweet temptation so I ordered a yoyo ($1.80). This was nicely done, not crumbly and not too sweet.
Next time when I return I will try and come back in a quieter time when someone can easily serve me quickly. I liked the pricing. It caters for both students and workers alike. I will recommend this place to Miss Adriennely. And to all those international students who are Vietnamese and miss their ole cuisine.

After lunch I went for a walk around Collins place. Here it has Kino cinemas, Kenzan, food court, Dymocks, and other speciality shops. I went to visit the Chocolate box.  The chocolate box is a chocolate store selling handmade chocolates and gifts.  Here I got to sample a licorice barrel. This was well crafted and it is sold for $18 a kilo. They also have some handmade chocolates as gifts.

Another store I went to is Dymocks. Here they sell reasonably priced books. It is one of the last stores standing in the book chain. It wasn’t very busy when I went in. I hope they don’t close down soon.

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