st ali in south melbourne

Today is the last day of my exam and I am psyched. So I  wanted  to  energize myself near the exam venue, I thought that I’d try St Ali. St Ali coffee place as I read online is a great place. In fact it is in the 100 best restaurants list on I found that it was hard to find without the map from Google. But I had a map, and still got lost, because they looked a bit like a factory. I knew that I had to take the 112 tram from Collins st in the city all the way to York St in South Melbourne.
They are from London and are known to be really hip. The waitresses sure looked cute and very retro. They were friendly, but often delivered the wrong orders to the wrong tables. Luckily mine was not wrong
St Ali roasts their own coffee. They also have barista training courses as well as do their coffee in a sypron filter. The atmosphere is like that of Stax/Miss Libertines. At times it is a bit cramped in here, because it is really popular with the locals and tourists a like. They do sell wines and beers here, as well as some European and Mexican meals. Here they do quite a few vegetarian dishes. One dish that I heard was good was the pork belly baguette which I did not try this time because I felt like eggs and fish.
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The syphon filter for coffee
look how hip the menu is!

Some of the coffee products they sell which I saw people buy

What I had:
1) Hot chocolate- $5.00. Here they use real cocoa unlike some of the other cafes. They also use brown sugar which is sweeter.

Look at the art. Isn’t it pretty?

2) Mr  Mexican Cousin Brother ($17.00)- Here the dish is not as spicy as I thought it would be, but still a good combination of things. I added smoked salmon to it for $4.50. The salmon was really fresh. I loved the corn fritters not too starchy and not too oily. I loved the rocket leaves around the plate as a decoration. I also loved the poached eggs and the yolk. It was so runny. I thought that they could have used a spicy tomato relish instead of a sweet tomato one though. Here I didn’t get the combination of flavors.

You probably are thinking that this a beer bottle. But guess what! Its a water bottle.

3) After that I ordered a pear and pecan cake ($5.00) with coffee mascarpone ($2.00). I wanted to try out the coffee mascarpone since they specialize in coffee. Guess what- it tasted divine. It had the right amount of coffee powder to give me a really good kick. The pear cake was rich in moisture and tastes great. The flavours were balanced out really well.

It looks like normal cream, but its actually coffee mascarpone.

I would come back here only on a special occasion with a friend. It is too expensive to go there on my own. And next time when I’m here I should try the sandwiches, soup or fish and chips.