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Cupcake central

Went to Cupcake central today after having heard that it just opened recently at Melbourne Central. It is about 3 floors up from the Melbourne Central station.
It just opened last week and they have a promotion of fifty free cupcake giveaways a day. But you have to follow them on twitter or like their page on Facebook and get the code for the cupcake. It is one per person. Today’s free cupcake is a raspberry lemon cupcake.
They do a few gluten free as well as vegan cupcakes. There are many varieties made freshly daily.
The man serving me was a gentleman and obviously in love with all things vegan. He let me take a few pictures.

I also ordered a small pear crumble cupcake ($2) as well as a mocha ($3.30). The coffee beans are from Di bella roasting warehouse.
I loved the cupcakes. They are just like my mums flavoursome cupcakes except without the filling in the middle. The lemon one was really tangy which I love.
I would come back here again this time with my Entertainment book voucher of buy one cupcake get one free. To the Eat and be merry for tommorrow we diet blog this place would be for you, because we all know how you love to try a good coffee and a free cupcake (or two)

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Cafe BBS in Bundoora

Today I was in RMIT Bundoora taking pictures of the scenery for my website. I got some really nice pictures of trees and the sporting field.
But then I wanted to have a break so I decided to head on over to Cafe BBs. Cafe BBs is one of the things on my wishlist.
Cafe BBs is in Brand Junction where it is a little bit quiet and desolate. Some of the shops have closed down. Last time I was here it was bustling with loads and loads of people.
I went there around 1 pm. It had a nice and clean atmosphere and it is an actual cafe unlike Muffin Break. Remember how I talked about the scones in my earlier post on Muffin Break? Well here they are much better, full with flavour and really warm and moist. They came as a set for $6.90 with tea and clotted cream and real jam not like the from Muffin break. You can taste the strawberries in the jam.

B&B Cafe Brand Junction on Urbanspoon
I also ordered a chocolate yoyo for $2.90 and it melted in my heart.
I saw some of the customers order breakfast things when the menu said that breakfast finished at 12pm. What is going on there? I was going to order hot cakes maybe next time if I come before 12pm.
The server was really nice. She smiled a little bit and one of the guys helped two ladies sitting in front of me with their muffin choices. The guys said goodbye as I left.
Next time I will come back with my friend and my buy one get one free regular muffin voucher from my Entertainment book.

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