This cafe is near trams and trains. It is the ideal place to have lunch. It is a place which is a not for profit organization. I have read many good reviews and have heard that they opened just recently. So I thought that I might pop by today. They rely mainly on volunteers. They are all very friendly.

The decor here was pretty friendly. On the outside, it may look a bit dirty, but really it is very clean, warm and inviting. I love the wooden floors, you don’t get that often in cafes in Melbourne. It is not as cramped as the other cafes in Spencer st.

The sopressa Sandwhich

A sign encouraging people to volunteer for them

My hot chocolate

They will let you use your own mug here, not like some other cafes.
 The interesting thing is that you select a coffee bean and place it in a cup. You can choose from a wide range of charities and projects which are labelled on the jar and the money goes to that charity.

My breakfast costed me $12. It consisted of a sopressa sandwich ($8.50) and a hot chocolate ($3.50). I loved the way that they do the hot chocolate. Sopressa is an Italian type of salami.

The sopressa sandwich was done nicely too. It had a relish which was really refreshing and a bit spicy. I love spiciness of the food. But if you don’t like spice there are non spicy dishes such as porridge and other things.

I think there are a few vegetarian choices on the menu. I think that the cafe is also organic, which makes me want to return.
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