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China Red

China red is a new restaurant in the Chinatown district. Here it was raved about by many of the food bloggers on Urbanspoon.
Here service is non existent, you order by the touch screen, but they do have an option of calling for help when needed. All the images of the food is up on the screen. But they are not much help for someone that is gluten free. Luckily I’m not. I can eat anything and everything.
I went in when they have the happy special of $8.80 for a meal and drink. It runs from 2pm-5pm weekdays.
My meal was huge! Better to share between two people. I had the char kuey teow and a soya bean drink. The Soya bean drink was just ok, but the Char Kuey teow was great. There was heaps of wok hei to it! And I loved the rice noodles.
The next time I went back just to try their dumplings and the pulled pork bread. I didn’t really like the pulled pork thing- it had way too much pulled pork, but loved all the other dumplings.
It seems that Eat and Be Merry also enjoyed the food there and the open kitchen! I have to admit I enjoyed the kitchen as well, but did not enjoy the stairs the second time round. They should have a lift for those that can’t walk the huge flight of stairs!

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Waffle On

This place is a little cheap eatery outside Flinders st station. I went there on a really hot day for ice cream and of course waffles.

It was 4pm by the time I arrived. Here it was not really busy but the service was really quick and the guy serving me was really lovely. You can see them making the waffles.
Their baguettes are $10 a piece and the waffles are priced anywhere between $4.50 and $7. I got the Canadian waffle for $6.50. Here it includes a scoop of ice cream on a freshly made waffle. These are nothing like the ones from Max brenners in the city. These ones are moist and doughy. Heavenly for a cheap price!
They also have some take home waffles 5 for $15. Next time I will come and try the baguettes.

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Eat @ City Blue Fish with Big Fil

I had a chance to meet up with Big Fil from eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet. We decided to meet here because it was one of Big Fil’s favourite places and we were in the mood for fish and chips. There are not that many fish and chip shops in the city where he and I work. It was a little dark when I came and it looks like a suburban fish and chip shop.

Big Fil felt that this place has gone a little bit downhill since the last time he visited. But this is my first time and from what I saw they were a little bit understaffed. A bit quiet though for my liking. From what I saw on Urbanspoon this place only had two people voting for it. So maybe it was just brand new?
Fil had the grilled calamari and I had the Fisherman’s basket which included my choice of soft drink ($9.90 for a big serve).  I didn’t really like the calamari. It was a little chewy, hence I thought that it wasn’t fresh.  The chips were alright, but they were a bit tasteless without the salt (good for those that are losing weight). The seafood stick, although I liked it was a little sweet. The tartare sauce could do with a bit more mayonnaise ( it was a little tasteless, sorry Fil). The fish and potato cake was just ok.
Fil is writing up his review of the place. But I’d probably come only because I have to, not because I want to (sorry Fil- the quality was a little bit lacklustre).

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Taiwan cafe

I have to agree with some of the things mentioned in Big Fil’s post about the place. Whilst he and I didn’t go there together we both had the same experience. Unlike him, I did not order drinks.
Taiwan cafe had been opened for about six months now and there were heaps of people by the time I came which was at 1:30pm. It was a good time that I came then as most of the lunch crowd cleared out. They are a hawker style cafe serving Taiwanese snacks and meals for under $11.
But it was all very cramped in there. It was really hard to move about. Whilst I liked the decor, I did not like elbowing the person on the next table by accident as all the tables were really crowded.
They got my order wrong, but I let it slip this time as they were flat out. I ordered a vegetarian rice vermicelli ($9.50) noodles but they gave me pork instead. I didn’t mind eating pork, as I eat almost anything. I was hungry by the time the food got to the table.  I was going to order the bento boxes but they did not look appealing to me.

You can see the pork in here.

I also ordered a silver thread bun ($4), it being a popular snack in Taiwan. I really liked this. It was filling and big and I loved the sweet sauce. But this should have been served first, not last.
I put a bit of chilli oil on the noodles, but not a lot of chilli flavour. Instead it was a bit vinegary. I don’t mind a little bit of blandness for the noodles but they should have put a little more sauce and vegetables in it and less noodles.  And some of the noodles were a bit burnt.
Now I can see why Big Fil and some of the other reviewers hated the place. Next time I’ll only just come here for the snacks as the snacks do look appealing to me.

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Maxims cakes and pastries

This place is in Chinatown, Melbourne and is popular with the locals and foodies.
Don’t come here expecting service because there is hardly any, except for ordering cakes and tarts. It is a serve yourself type place where you picky up a pair of tongs and a tray and you select your food and then you go up to pay for it.
They sell a variety of Asian drinks as well as Asian desserts, unlike Breadtop which does not sell a lot of these things. Breadtop sells Westernized drinks and some Western buns as well as Asian ones.
Don’t let the name fool you; they also do savory items and I tried one. This is what I had for $6.10 altogether; one sweet chilli sausage roll, a swiss roll and one of their famous custard tarts.
The sweet chilli sausage roll had too much chilli sauce in it and not enough sausage. The sauce overpowered the sausage. But it was filling though.
I loved the cake. It was much better than the one at Breadtop. This actually didn’t have a whole lot of cream to it, although it was a little dry.
The custard, although I love it everytime I go there, it is really crumbly and it is hard not to make a mess of it.

 Some samples of almond cookies which I sampled. They were really crumbly.

This is really good for a lunchtime feed. If only some other bloggers would go, they would actually enjoy the place. This place doesn’t do vegetarian buns, but they sure do good cakes and buns.

Maxims Cakes and Pastry on Urbanspoon

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