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My favourite coffee/eating places in the city

Here are a few of my favourite coffee and eating places in the city. These always do really good coffee and food. These are not the generic brands such as Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC etc.

1) Brother Baba Budan- Although primarily a coffee place it does a little bit of food.

2) Meshiya- Although not cheap I do love their Japanese food. I have been here a few times during my studies. They always do quick lunches. And their food is always fresh.

3)Kanada- Their prices are reasonable and their food is cheap. I always get the bento box or the Soba noodles.

4)Roule Galette- see earlier posts.

5) David jones- see earlier post.

6) Vic Market on the days that they are open. Love their $2.50 boreks. So cheap and filling for lunch.

7) Max brenner- although expensive, this was really filling and brough back a few happy memories.

8) Delifrance (Closed)- I used to go in there to buy my coffees and some pastries. This used to be a hit with all the Tivoli students.

9) Grilld- this has the freshly baked sourdough buns instead of the normal commercial ones. And what’s more is that they cater for students and vegetarians.

10) Real for you- good coffee and great organic food.


$2 coffee at Pazzi La Piazza

There is $2 coffee from 10am-12pm at Pazzi La Piazza in Melbourne central. I went there to take advantage of the offer and the coffee there was not too bad.

Gloria Jeans at Melbourne CBD

Today I was feeling a little tired and in need of some coffee. So what did I see on my way to work? A Gloria Jeans actual coffee house.
In there is huge, warm and cozy and they have a few posters and feedback about their coffee. Loved the little cute poster about their coffee

I ordered a Piccolo and a mixed berry cheesecake for the price of $6. They did have a $6 combo with cake and coffee. With every purchase of $5 and over you can get a copy of “The Age” for free. The cheesecake tasted like it was store bought. The base was a bit too soft and it was cookie crumbly like it should be. I loved the jelly on top, but not too sure about the fruits inside. They look great, but that is where it ends.
Except for the messy artwork up the top, the piccolo was just alright. It came in a small cute cup.
The service was pretty much non existent. It was like that of a fast food court. It was run by Asians. There was only one toilet and it was a disabled one. CRAP!!! There should be more.

Hardware Societe

I had a quick coffee at the Hardware Societe. I saw that it was ranked number 1 in Urbanspoon and it did not disappoint. A lot of bloggers have raved about this place for some time now, but this place is not close to work so did not go there up until now.

Here they sell lots of products including freshly baked bread by Noisette. Breakfasts here are about $11-$15. Service was friendly and friends have recommended this place to me. I sat at a communal table.
The coffee ($3.50) did not disappoint me. The beans are from PADRE and it was neither bitter nor sweet. But I did love the pastry ($4) by Noisette. Soft  and yummy.
Now I can see why the crowds of people love to come. Although this place is expensive it is worth a try. I didn’t get to try out the eggs though because they were expensive and I already had breakfast at home. There is a gluten free option but that is an additional $1.

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Katherine’s coffee trail part one

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My friend Katherine went on this coffee trail. She tried: This is from Katherine.
1) Reverence coffee roasters
Reverence coffee house is a new place just opened a week ago. It is in Ascot Vale and is what just what Ascot vale needs.
It doesn’t have a lot of food but they sure do have a lot of varieties of good coffee. Their coffee is just like the St Ali brand.
I had a short black and a cheesecake ($8.80 altogether). The short black was a bit bitter, but the cake was good.

It was full of kids by the time I got there which was at 9am.

They also have cold drip coffee but I wasn’t in the mood for trying any.

The lady that served wasn’t too friendly. In fact she looked tired.

Fatboo will really like this place as coffee is their favourite beverage.
2) Under the rock cafe

They are just a new cafe also in Ascot vale.  It is in the space that used to be Cafe Lomah. And they also roast their own beans. Their coffee was a bit better than the one at Reverence. It tasted flowery which was good.

The space was pretty homely.

And when you buy a coffee you get some free mini muffins. They had the chocolate one and the raspberry one and they were really good.
3) Pearsons and Murphys

This place is in RMIT city campus. You can read about my other visit here. But today I ordered a piccolo and loved the artwork. Their coffee is way better than the ones in the caf, so if I were you and studying at the city campus, I’d get my coffee here.

Stay tuned for part two.
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Pearson & Murphy's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Coffee at the new Starbucks on Bourke st

A few weeks ago I just discovered a new Starbucks on Bourke st. This one is just outside the Tivoli Arcade and it replaced the “Delifrance” an old cafe that was around for five to six years.
The store was just like any other Starbucks store. Here they sold merchandise and bags of coffee as well as real coffee.

There are new staff and one of the older girls was showing her around. I think she was a Kiwi. When I got there at 9:30am there were a few people waiting to be served and I had a difficult time deciding what to get. So in the end I decided to try one of their signature drinks; the iced Americano ($3.20) with an extra shot of coffee for $0.60. I also threw in a strawberry macaroon ($2.95) in the order. Which by the way tasted like it was store bought and not baked on site. It was really crumbly.
I really loved and needed the shot in the Americano. The Americano wasn’t overly sweet which was good and it wasn’t too bitter.
I think I might pop around again maybe with a few new international students when I need my caffeine hit!

Breakfast at Theobroma’s and ice cream

Today I went with my friend X for a coffee and breakfast at Theobroma Chocolate lounge in Melbourne Central. It is just around the corner from Cafe Torre opposite the United Benetton of Colours shop. It is right near the entrance to La trobe st, so whilst we were eating two birds came in.
Here they sell lots of cute gifts and yummy chocolates! I was eyeing them for a while.
Here they do lots of great breakfast and lunch deals one of which is the $7.50 juice/tea/coffee and bacon and egg roll. X bought this. I got the veggie breakfast with a short black ($12.50 altogether). The wait for the drinks was not long but the wait for the food was about half an hour. I could not understand why since we were the only ones eating in.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge on Urbanspoon

X’s bacon and egg roll came out way before my veggie breakfast. She was halfway through her breakfast when mine came to the table. She and I could not understand why. Food should always come out together and just after the drinks come, not half an hour later.
My coffee was good though. I wouldn’t mind coming back for the drinks. The cups are so cute! X really did enjoy seeing them.
My baked beans were terribly meh because they were canned beans, not homemade. But the other stuff was quite good, although I think that they put too much oil in the mushrooms and the eggs were a little watery. X really liked her bacon roll and was willing to come again.
I bought some chocolates and yummy macaroons (those at $1.90 each). Altogether my chocolate purchase came to $9.20. They were handmade and tasted great. I think they were made by a chocolatier. I think Eat, Play, Shop might like to come here and buy the chocolates for herself and her bubs. The macaroons were a bit squashed from being in my bag for a while

If you don’t mind the wait and the mediocre beans, then this is the place for you. If you love chocolate, this is also the place for you.

Later on I went to Limonetto in Docklands. It was such a warm afternoon and I’m on the hunt for good ice cream. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a long time, but just that it looked expensive. It turns out that it is not so expensive. Prices range from $4.50-$7 for ice cream. Some of the ice cream at Docklands I had was worse and was more expensive, but for $6.50 at this place you get a waffle stick and three really good flavours of ice cream.

The guy working there told me that this place was popular with the locals and he was right, because after I left, more people came to visit. He also told me that the strawberry and the limonetto special were popular. They tasted really nice today
There is no seating at the shop. Instead you can sit outside on the fake grass or on one of the wooden seats and watch the boats go by. This is lovely on a summers day when it is not too hot, provided that you remember your hat of course.

Limonetto Gelati on Urbanspoon

Little Byrd Cafe

I went to Union road to buy some credit for my phone and I was feeling quite peckish, from waking up late and deciding to go for a walk early in the morning before it gets too hot.
Here they have lots of Middle Eastern dishes such as zatar.  They have a great selection of vegetarian dishes. All the dishes here are reasonably priced from $4 (for toast that is) to about $17. They are rated in the Age’s Cheap eats guide 2011. They have been featured in the Age’s previous cheap eats as well.
This place is a dog friendly place and when I got there there was a really cute dog outside with its owner sitting and having coffee.
The place was packed as! It featured some students and workers who live in the area and know the owner really well. Although it was really busy, the place had a very homely feeling. This might be due to the friendliness of their staff. They did ask me how my breakfast was, to which I replied that it is really good. The staff did ask if I wanted a second coffee, but one is enough for me.

They do have an open kitchen, which is a plus because it allows you to see what they are doing.
I ordered a short black (ristretto size -$3) and a breakfast with poached eggs, red pepper, bread and other pepper ($15 each).
I loved the short black. Not too strong for me, or otherwise I can’t sleep. The coffee was weak and it smelt winey. And it wasn’t too bitter.
I loved the breakfast. It is much better than yesterday’s breakfast at Theobroma’s. The poached eggs were nicely done and the vegetables were really fresh. Bread was also nicely toasted and they were generous with the cheese and the peppers. This was a joy to eat and it felt like I was eating healthily. Not too much oil. And it wasn’t mass produced like yesterday’s breakfast.
I’d recommend this place to Eat and be merry because I know that they would love the breakfasts here as much as I do. The place is on the 57 tram line and is in zone 1

Little Byrd on Urbanspoon

la delicatezza and brother baba budan and ramen ya

I went to La Delicatezza in Newmarket. I have seen this place before when I was going past on the tram and train and their meats and fresh cheeses enticed me to go in. This place is opposite the train station and in zone 1.
It is a small shop selling pantry goods and small goods, as well as a cafe with a homely feeling. They also sell Italian drinks.
The guy there was really friendly with his customers and that added to the homely feeling.
I had a ristretto and a banana bread ($5 in cash altogether- the place has a policy of no eftpos for purchases under $10)
The ristretto was a little small for the size but it was only $1. The banana bread tasted more like cake. I did like the jam and the butter. The jam was freshly made and not from Cottees or some other canned brands that you buy at the supermarket. This was actually homemade.

2) Brother Baba budan
This shop sells only coffees and a small amount of pastries not lunch items. I’m glad that its ranked number 23 on and everyone seems to like it: kran and nina,, etc all like it.
Their coffee is done by Seven seeds and this another place that has a homely feeling to it. It was crowded when I went with everyone buying takeaway coffees.
My mocha and biscuit came to $7 and they were both nicely done (note: they do have an eftpos minimum of $20).

3) Ramen ya
This was also a busy place and they also had the same eftpos policy of minimum of $20, except in happy hour which is a minimum of $10.
It is in a laneway in GPO.
Here they don’t sell sushi, but instead they sell ramen and bento boxes as well as Japanese dessert. All their bento boxes are $10 with the option of adding green tea and msio soup for $4. I got a tofu bento box  with green tea for $12.50. Their ramen sets for $13 (or was it $14) are huge! It is enough to feed you.
If you are not familiar with Japanese food they also have some plastic models of the food which you can see and then make up your mind.

Here everything is authentic and I loved the green tea today. It is real Japanese. The only thing I didn’t like was the rice in the bento box. It was cold and a wee bit squishy. But other than that it was all good. The tofu was soft and delicate which I liked and the salads were really fresh.
I would come back here with a friend. I’m glad that Eat and be merry for tommorrow we diet, I-hua, Pooh in the Kitchen, Gastrology etc enjoyed it.

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Ramen Ya on Urbanspoon

exploring Gertrude st

Today I went to Gertrude st Fitzroy to explore it. It seemed like a lovely cool place to explore. A lot of students love to go here as there is some student friendly cafes and places just ten minutes by tram from Bourke st. It is in zone 1.
Gertrude st offers some good and affordable places such as De Clieu, Birdman Eating etc.
Two places that I went to:
1) De Clieu
This place attracts a lot of students, food critics, bloggers and the like. I can now see why it is ranked highly on Urbanspoon. Coffee is by Seven seeds. They have public cupping sessions at 3pm each Thursday. Like their big Seven seeds store in Carlton they only offer sandwiches and breakfasts, but they sure do stellar coffees.

They have an open kitchen as well as a fireplace.
I bought a vegetable pide ($11.50) and a mocha ($3.80)
The vegetable pide although nice, was a little bit too overpowering for me. They put too much sauce on there and I couldn’t taste much of the vegetables.
I can see why Adriennely, Eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet etc like this place.
2) Arcardia
They do coffees too and they were recommended by The Age good cafe guide. But I bought a ristretto from them as well as a portugese tart from them for $8. The ristretto was lukewarm, but was acidic and it did take a while to come out. (They were busy this morning). The portugese tart came out first.
Whilst I was waiting for the coffee I had a chance to take pictures and take information on Fitzroy and Collingwood.

The tart although nice could have been a bit warmer.
They do have a nice homely atmosphere and a lovely courtyard, like the some of the other Gertrude st cafes.
Some other sights I saw

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Arcadia on Urbanspoon

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