illegal fees

RMIT cannot charge you illegal fees. These are for things that you haven’t sign up to or are not really essential to your course. For example: RMIT can’t charge you for a laptop unless you really need it for a specific thing and you can’t buy it elsewhere. They can charge you fees for your course but they can’t charge fees for your books, trips (unless you opt to take them), equipment, notebooks and other things.
The Uni must provide these materials free of charge for students to loan from the library.
They can charge you if you opt to buy them. But they cannot charge you if you can’t afford them or you don’t want them. They cannot charge them at very expensive or steep fees. They must let you buy it from outside ie : secondhand.
Too often RMIT does this and in the end students fall into debt. This year RMIT student union has seen quite a few students with this sort of issue.
If you think that RMIT is being unreasonable and charging you these fees speak to someone from the student union. We can help you with all sorts of problems with the university.

For more information check out:;FORMQRY=ADV%253DSearch%2526all%253Downer%25253D100%2526any%253Dillegal%252Bfees;ID=4zjjtunx46j5;STATUS=A?QRY=%2B(owner%3D100)%20%2B(|illegal%20|fees)

Also see:;ID=4jzh8r0mp23c1 for Incidental fees that RMIT can charge and what they can’t charge.