icey ice

Icey ice has just reccently been opened in the city. It is a ice creamery run by Asians and they do shaved ice which is cool.
They are a little tiny shop, hence not many people stick around. Most people get take away. I got to check out the bathrooms to discover that you have go across the road at GPO ( Icey ice does not have bathrooms on site). Its fun to watch them make the crepes and shave the ice. In fact they have different flavours of ice.

You can see that this is way better than Harajuku.

There are great crepe and tea deals which if you buy one crepe, you get the tea for $2.50. They also do savoury crepes. Most of the crepes cost between $5.90-$7.90 and they come with lots of filling. Which is a bargain!
It took a while to be served, but then it was really busy by the time I was there which was 4pm on a hot day.
I had the strawberry crepe with strawberry shaved ice ($6.90). I loved the shaved ice, which is their speciality. It was low in fat but flavoursome. And they used real strawberries too which is an added bonus. There is no whipped cream in this which is good if you’re on a diet. The only thing I didn’t quite like was that the crepe was thick not thin. Crepes are supposed to be thin.
I think this place fared a bit better than Harajuku crepe shop in Melbourne Central.  This place’s crepes is much more value for money than Harajuku.
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