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Ice cream at Trampoline

It was so warm ,I had ice cream at Trampoline in Southbank yesterday. I’m still yet to find my perfect ice cream, but I found a few so far that I liked. This is one of them.
They are a little booth in the Southbank shopping centre. Here they cater for kids as well as adults and they create lots of new and interesting flavours.
For those that really like their ice cream there is the MATES program which you can join for free and they have special offers.
They have all different sized cups and waffle cones from small (2 flavours @ $5.50) to large ( four or five flavours @ $7 or $8)
I got the midi cup for $6.30. Here it included three flavours but no waffle stick. I loved the lemon and the vanilla flavour but wasn’t a fan of the mango flavour. Here it was way too sweet and not enough tang

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Going out to Chi chi, Max brenner and $10.50 movie

It was raining today and I really wanted to catch up with friends just before my exam (just to take a break from study).
So a friend and I went to Chi Chi on Keilor Road in Niddrie. There they are serviced by the 59 trams and it is in zone 1. They are Vietnamese with a Chinese influence restaurant.
Today the restaurant was not too packed. We managed to get there by about 1:15pm and got out at 2:05pm.
Here they do cheap meals. They have an $8 lunch special on everyday as well as your usual Vietnamese/Chinese fare.
Here I my usual rice vermicelli noodles, but this time instead of spring rolls I got it with lemongrass chicken ($9.50). Friend A got the vegetarian fried rice ($8.50). And we both shared a plate of vegetarian rice paper rolls ($6) and a pot of green tea ($2.80). The pot of green tea is nothing much to write about because it was made with a lipton tea bag.
I had a chance to sample Friend A’s vegetarian rice and found it bland and boring as well as extremely salty. They could have put just a tad more sauce to go with it.
My meal was not too bad, but it was nothing mind blowing. In fact I hated the pickled carrots in there. It was way too strong.

$10.50 ticket
Friend A said that she had 2 $10.50 ticket which we were able to use to see Contagion and so we did. She got them at Melbourne Central. But we can use them at any Hoyts cinemas. So we saw Contagion at Highpoint shopping centre. Highpoint shopping centre is huge and this place was packed full of people.
The movie though was really good and dramatic.

Ice cream at Max Brenner’s in Highpoint.
After Friend A and I bought the tickets we had about an hour to kill. So we decided to try out Max brenner in Highpoint. I haven’t been to any Max brenner in a while. But A said that Max brenner is still good. I wanted to try their ice creams and their new dessert special.
A and I both shared the toffee apple crepes ($14.50 each). A had the chocolate mocha frappe ($7.60) and she loved it. Their new dessert special was not particularly mind blowing. The best part would have to be the ice cream. The apples tasted like they were too canned, but A disagreed. The apples made the pancake a little soggy and hard to enjoy. However they did not put too much sauce on it which is good.

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Free coffee, lunch @65 Degrees and sweet treats at ganache chocolate

Today was a lovely sunny day and three events happened today:
First event: Free coffee outside of State library (and  I’m not kidding)
I rocked up to RMIT University today and someone outside of Melbourne Central promoted free coffee to everyone. These people were from my live tribe site and they wanted to promote their site. Their site is about saving a mates life on the road. Website: By 10 am there was a queue of people at the coffee cart. Whilst I was waiting for my free( but good) coffee I managed to score a few pictures and freebies, such as a free slurpee voucher and a buy one get one free game at Strike.

2nd event- Lunch at Gridlock (or should I say 65 Degrees).
This place is a speciality coffee shop. Here they roast their own coffee beans where you can buy it on site. They are priced between $11-$25 per bag.
Here I had a $18.50 lunch combo where it consisted of a ristretto, pork belly baguette with shaved apple and rice salad. The rice salad was a bit meh, it looked more like fried rice. They could have used a few more fresh vegetables instead of frozen vegetables and no bacon.
The ristretto was a bit bitter, but I loved it. I think that the blend was strong and flavoursome. I’m not sure what they used but it did the trick. Now I wonder if there is any public cupping sessions so that I know which blend is which and which blend is mild or strong.
The baguette was delish!I have never tasted pork belly baguette before. It’s sort of like bhanh mi except it has the apple in it and the carrots are not vinegary. The bread was soft and not too chewy and the pork was nice, but a little bit hard at times. The salad and the apple gave it a nice tangy twist.
I’d love to come back and try their tiramisu as I heard it is good. I think that Miss Adriennely, Eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet, here’s the veg etc would probably like it. And to Here’s the veg there are several vegetarian dishes on offer there.

3) Sweet treats at Ganache.
Here I took some pretty good photos of the place and had a great time sampling their ice cream, mint chocolate, caramel chocolate and macaroon. Their macaroon is not the best but their chocolates and ice cream are to die for! They are much better than the ones at Max brenners and they altogether costed me $9.50. Not bad eh!

I joined their chocolate club for free and there is a 10% off takeaway hot drinks as well as a monthly special. There is a free birthday plaque for every big birthday cake you buy
They do also have chocolate making classes.
There is another branch at South Yarra.
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