Fun at Lindt cafe in South Yarra and it did set me about $10 +

This cafe is the newest addition to the Lindt chain. This cafe was around for a few months but it took me time and motivation to visit it. So now here I am.

It was really fun visiting it. It reminded me of my childhood days, loving chocolate. It was nostalgic.  The location added to the fun vibe. It is right in the heart of the entertainment precinct of South Yarra, mainly in the Jam factory where movies, games and madness are the like.

This place is more like a shop than it is a cafe. But it didn’t stop me from trying their coffees.

I also got to sample their chocolates and macaroons. The one macaroon that I sampled was the hazelnut chocolate one.  It was divine with the right amount of moisture and air to it.

I also got to sample two of their latest flavours: Blueberry Intense and Passionfruit. Both of these are selling at Coles 2 for $5.  The passionfruit went down well with me. It had really intense flavour which stood out. The other one not so.

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I also tried the two dark flavours (70% and 85% intense), orange, mint, and caramel flavoured chocolate. The caramel reminded me of childhood days, whilst the 70% and 85% flavours gave a more adult like feeling. The minty one went down well too.  The orange one had hints of orange but wasn’t intensely orange flavoured.

Meld magazine would really like to try this. And it would be nice to see what they think.

I like this place a lot better than the one in the city. The one in the city tends to add a bit more of a corporate feeling seeing as it is where all the offices are.

I recommend the Passion fruit flavour.
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