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Eat at The Boulevard cafe (Poyntons)

The Boulevard cafe is in a nice quiet spot on the Boulevard along the Maribynong river. Here it attracts walkers (such as myself), students (such as myself), families and the elderly that live in the surrounding areas. It is in zone 1 and the bus 467 is just around the corner and up a hill (if travelling from Moonee Ponds  station you just need to catch the bus outside the station and alight at the last stop). Or if you are travelling from the city and newmarket you can catch the 57 tram to Maribynong Park and then walk on the path for about 15 mins. Or you can ride your bike there and park it at the bike racks outside. There is car parking too. Today was the first day of the school holidays and there were a few parents with their young kids in there.
They do have a lovely courtyard outside and the cafe is inside the nursery, so you can see all the lovely plants as you enter the cafe.
The manager there is quite lovely and I think he really likes his customers. They are a part of the Entertainment book program where it is 25% off the total bill, but somehow I threw it out because the last time I went there the food was pretty average. I went there after my walk to enjoy a iced chocolate, seeing as it was a hot day. I figured I might give them another chance.

All the meals there are pretty pricey. The prices range from $7 (for a bowl of chips) to about $30. The salads were very pricey too. And I saw that someone ordered one of the salads and the serving looked tiny.
The service here was a tad slow. It took a while for me to get a menu and be seated. I think the waitress forgot to ask whether I was here for coffee or what. She did ask someone else later on if they were here for a coffee, and they WERE WHITE CAUCASIAN!!!!
The tiramisu that I ordered was darn expensive for a small piece! It was $8.30. It was a small piece with not much but lots of cream. So my guess was that it was only $4-$5 per piece. The iced chocolate however was decent and I can’t complain. This is much better than the one at Max Brenner where it can cost anywhere between $5 and $8. This one is not as sweet as the one at Max brenner which I love.
If you were to come here again, I’d advise you not get the tiramisu, but the other cakes and waffles as they are much better value. And go for the coffees (Cafe Mio range) and chocolates.
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Eat at Rusty Duck Larder Moonee Ponds

I finished my grocery shopping and my bill came out to $46.00. I only bought about 20 items. Not happy.
Anyway was waiting for my bus because I just missed it and the next one didn’t come for half an hour. I was starving! So what did I do? went across the road to the other side of the station and had lunch at the Rusty Duck Larder.

Aww! How beautiful is the decor

Here they have plenty of jams, coffee and water for you to take home

More jams and sauces

Here it was lovely and cosy and the fireplace and wood tables reminded me of the country in the old days. There was one big communual table for a big group or a family. Pity the fire wasn’t going.
The walls weren’t as noise cancelling as I thought they were. I could still hear the trains from outside. They do a lot of homemade goods and some of them especially the jams are for sale. There were a few baked goods for sale as well. The coffee is by Vittoria and the hot chocolate powder is by Fraus. They have quite a few sandwiches for lunch (priced between $6-$9) and some lovely cakes (priced between $5.50-$7) and biscuits on display. They do breakfasts from 7am-12pm on weekdays and on weekends from 8am-2pm. They do gluten free if you want, but just ask them. There are a few vegetarian meals on offer too.
They have limited outdoor seating as most of it is indoors.
The lady there that served me was lovely. She was fine with me taking a few pictures but I managed to sneak more in.
They do have an EFTPOS minimum spend of $10.
I ordered a egg and vegetable roti wrap, a yo-yo, a mocha and a cheesecake all of which came out to $17.10. The wrap was plain and simple which I liked. I did taste a hint of cheese in there. These are found in cafes all over Melbourne and it is quite common for to cafes to offer this to their customers.
The mocha was too coffee like.  I would have liked a little bit more chocolate in there. It was a little bit bitter.
The cheesecake ($5.50) was really nice. The same sort of cheesecake from Max Brenner would cost me nearly $10. But I think I like this version better. The jam tasted a little bit like it was canned, but the cheesecake filling was nice. The base was moist but a bit hard to cut through.
The yo- yo melted in my mouth and was heavenly. Om Om Om! How I enjoyed it!
I’d love to come here with Viet girl one day.
Miss Adriennely and the big group from Eat and Be merry for tommorrow we diet should eat here if they haven’t been. Also Eat, Play shop would like it too as it caters for children and has high chairs and enough pram room. They even have toilets and a change room.
There isn’t a whole lot of parking at the front of the cafe but you can easily take the train from the city or from Broadmeadows and it stops at Moonee Ponds (zone 1). Get off here and its across the road. Or you can take the tram (number 59 from Elizabeth st or Airport West) and get off at Moonee Ponds junction and then walk up Puckle st til you get to the train station and there it is.

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Boathouse breakfast

Today it was so cold that I felt like eggs for breakfast while I was out and walking around the Maribyrnong river. I remembered passing the “Boathouse” a few times and seeing that it was always busy on a Sunday morning and smelling like bacon and eggs. So I decided to check it out for myself.
I have heard that this place is owned by Gary Mehigan from Masterchef. So on that note my expectations were quite high.
This place is full of exercise junkies like me, young mums and dads, kids and some uni students. You can catch the number 57 tram from the West Maribyrnong city or 82 tram from Footscray and Moonee ponds and get off at Maribyrnong park. The restaurant from the stop is about 100 metres away from the tram stop. Outside of the restaurant is a playground. You can also ride your bike here and park it on the bike racks (or on the veranda railings) nearby.

Here’s where you can park your bikes and your dogs if you have. See this place is dog friendly.

The comfy cushions

Inside the place was nice and cosy. I arrived at around 10am. The service staff were courteous but they forgot to ask me where I wanted to sit. I didn’t mind sitting inside near the open fire on this cold day, but in summer outside would be nicer.

Their limited menu

My hot choc which I expected it to be bigger

How cute and old fashioned are the water jugs!

There are limited vegetarian choices available. The only ones were soup. All the rest of them were meat and seafood dishes. They only gave me a limited breakfast menu.
What I had: hot chocolate ($4), eggs on toast ($12) and to finish it off a yoyo ($3). For $4 hot chocolate, I expected it to be a bit bigger. But I did like the taste of the chocolate and the froth. And I loved the free sugar cubes they were so sweet.

The $12 eggs could have been a bit better. In the scrambled eggs they could have put a bit more milk in it to make it more fluffy. The eggs were a little bit detached and not as fluffy as I would have liked. They were a bit bland without the herbs in it. A bit more herbs could have made it a bit better and worth the money. I did like the bread ( it was from Phillipa’s bread), but it was so hard that it was hard to cut. They should have offered a better knife to cut the bread or lightly toast it so that there is still some moisture left.
The yoyo, eventhough it was small, it was good. I loved the cream and sweet sugar punch that it gave. What a lovely way to finish the meal.

Gary Mehigans books on display

Their limited range of cakes. I expected them to have more but they didn’t. I really wanted a Portuguese tart but they did not have it.

Some of the produce they have

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I would come back here only to try the coffees, cakes and toast. I’m not so sure about recommending the meals though. They do take aways so if you are in a hurry to get to city and need a coffee to wake you up then I suggest coming here and buying a take away coffee to drink on the tram

Visit no 2: 10/10/11
This time I thought that they redeemed themselves and I thought I might try out the Veneziano blend of coffee. I went here only just to get a coffee and got a muffin, piccolo and a yo-yo biscuit for $9.50. The yo-yo biscuit was quite small for the price of $3. The piccolo ($3.50) was lukewarm, almost cold and they had no idea as to what ristretto was. What sort of cafe that serves piccolos does not know what ristretto is!!!!.
But the muffin redeemed itself. It was really warm and not too sweet. I don’t know whether it was white or banana one that I had but it was good. It was good for the price of $3.
This time I got to sit outside and watch the world go by.

burgers, tea and a visit to the NGV art gallery

Veggie burger and chips

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Café Keyif on Urbanspoon

Turkish coffee

Oven vegetables risotto

the tea room

the tea room. Notice how every there is expensive.

Sorry if I accidently took a photo of you. I was trying to take it of the water fountain behind you.

 Today I went to the NGV Art Gallery and lunched with my friend at a new place called CafeKeyIf. This place was just opened recently and is near the Medina hotel. A lot of backpackers come here because the food here is really cheap.
I went in there with my entertainment card thinking that I could get the buy one get one free meal deal and they told me it was for dinner only. WTF? They could have stated it in the offer.
But the meal made up for it. There are quite a few vegetarian dishes on the menu. If you go in there at lunchtime all the meals are $10 each, except for soup which is $6.50. There is a cake and coffee deal there for $6.50 but I was too full to try it. Here’s what we ordered: a veggie burger with chips- $10, hot chocolate- $4, Turkish coffee- $3 and a roast vegetable risotto- $10. They forgot the salad, but the risotto tasted quite nice, quite tomatoey.
With my burger I opted to have egg in it. It was $2.50 extra. The burger tasted quite nice. The veggie pattie was really juicy and moist, not like the ones that you buy outside at a BBQ.
I loved the aroma of the Turkish coffee, this looked like it was nicely done. I didn’t drink it because I can’t drink coffee, but my friend said it was nice.
The NGV Art Gallery
Moving right along….after lunch we decided to head to the NGV Art Gallery by tram. It is about a two minute walk from Flinders St Station. Outside of it are a concert hall and the Yarra Bridge.
This is free for all the public to see the artworks, except of course for some exhibitions. We saw the water fountain on the way in and took some photos of it. There are three levels of artworks with heaps and heaps of free viewing. There was a teapot, European artworks, Asian Collection, Photography and International design exhibitions which were all free. There were lots of people here today. There were two or three school excursions going on.
There are free tours on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, but you need to book it at the information desk, near the souvenir shop.
Some of the paintings were really beautiful to see and there was a changing light ladder artwork. This is where it was in the dark and the colours changed all the time. I loved seeing all the old teapots.
But I wonder why there is only one set of toilets on each level with one toilet in it. We had to line up for ages to get a toilet. There should be more toilets.
I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of the souvenir shop, but there are plenty of good things around. Most of the things are made in China. Everything in the shop is really expensive, but we did pick up a few free postcards on the way.
There are three cafes here, but we only had the chance to visit one of them; The tea room.
You can sign up to be a member for $69 per year. Here you will get discounted entry and the use of the members lounge in all the NGV galleries in Melbourne.
The Tea Room
I was inspired to try this after seeing all the teapots and crockery on display at the museum. It was down on the first floor and we took the lift down. We had to wait to be seated and it wasn’t long until we were. Pots of tea were $7.50 each, but they were so big, that you have to share with two people. We did order a pot of green tea.  The green tea was really strong which I liked. There was also a $45 high tea set for two, but we weren’t hungry. However I did order two macaroons, one orange and the other salty caramel. The salty caramel one was very sweet and the orange one was orangey which I like.

quiche and crepes at Highpoint

I went to Highpoint and did some shopping there and I saw that there was a new cafe that had just opened recently. It is called “Cafe Vita”. They specialize in sweets, but they also do lunch as well. I had the $9.50 lunch special there. It consisted of quiche and salad. The salad was drenched in way too much balsamic vinegar, so much that it made the bottom of my quiche all soggy. The bottom of the quiche is supposed to be hard but not too hard. The quiche tasted a little bit bland. I had to ask for water and another girl clearing the tables looked a bit sad. I guessed that she was fourteen or fifteen years old and hadn’t matured. Or that she was underpaid. Either way I would not return. The food in this case is overpriced.

From Planet Chocolate

From Planet Chocolate- you can see the girl working behind the counter

Later on, after being ripped off by $3 for my pre paid phone recharge, I decided to head down to Planet Chocolate. I had hoped that this would cheer me up, as I have always passed by this place and wanted to try it. I had a strawberry crepe with ice cream ($7.95). I ordered a chai, but a few minutes later the lady told me that they ran out of chai powder and offered a refund which was fine and I got my money back. I loved the pancake, however it was really hard to cut it with a plastic fork and knife. Also the strawberries were a bit sour and not fresh. Maybe they should have offered some sort of specials according to the season, like Max Brenner do. And silver cutlery would be nice, instead of the plastic ones for those that are eating in. For those that are taking the pancake away, it would be nice if you can fold it the way the Japanese do. I would come back here to try their Proffetjies.

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