exam tips by Katherine Chiu

Do you want to succeed in your studies and pass everything? If so here are some tips by Katherine Chiu.

1) Know your rights as a student. By rights I mean know the rules around Plagiarism, Special Consideration etc.

2) Stress less- make sure that you have some time out in the day to do the things that you enjoy the most.

3) Be organised- Know when and where your exam is. Pack you bag the night before and don’t forget the student id or the pens. Make sure you know what you can and can’t bring into the exam. Remember there are very heavy penalties for bringing in things which are forbidden. Know how to get to the exam venue. Do a few trial runs if you have to. The exam timetable is posted in MYRMIT at least a month beforehand.

If you have clash exams make sure that you bring your own lunch and snacks as RMIT does not allow you to buy food on the day of your clash exam.

Also organize your revision sessions at least seven weeks prior. You’re not going to learn and memorise everything in a week.

Arrange to have some study sessions per week. About 5-7 hours per subject is advised. Don’t go the 99-100 hours like one student did. That’s crazy.

4)Be healthy- this means eating the right foods, exercising daily and sleeping 6-9 hours at night. Do not pull all nighters as you won’t be able to concentrate on your exams. And on the day of the exam if time allows have a big breakfast and coffee at one of the nearby cafes. If there is no time make a small breakfast full of carbs and a coffee at home. It’s better to have breakfast than not to.

5) Have a quiet place to study- make sure that it has no distractions and a window for you to look out at.

6) Use your reading time wisely- So you have 15 minutes reading time in the exam? What will you do? Will you just read the exam paper or will you read it thoroughly and think about some of the answers to your questions? I’d chose the latter. Remember no writing during this time. Plan your time for each question. Remember 1 mark= 1 minute.

7) If you need to apply for Special Consideration/Equitable Assesment Arrangements early enough. With Equitable Assesment Arrangements make sure that you apply as early in the semester that you can because RMIT does have a cut off date and that is the week when the exam timetables are posted.

8) Try to finish the exam if you can. But if you can’t write a plan and write down as much of it as you can

9) Use RMIT’s free student services such as the Study and Learning Centre. Try to schedule appointments or do a few drop ins a few weeks early.

10) Use SWOTVAC wisely. Use this time for revision, not to see friends, hang out and drink.

11) Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your lecturers. They are keen to help you. But just don’t leave it to the last minute.

12) Form some study groups early on in the semester. But just stay focused on your study and don’t veer off (ie. Don’t talk about other topics)