Student study place @1000 pound bend

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1000 pound bend is known for a really good place to study and have a great coffee. In fact it has been talked about for some time by the uni students. Now is this true that there is good coffee? I asked my good friends Katherine give a spiel on the place itself since she went there with her good friend just recently.

Atmosphere: “Very homely and free WI-FI. Yay! Now I call that a good study place”, says Katherine.

“They do heaps of cool and exciting events here” said another friend who Katherine went with.

“It’s a bar as well”, said another friend, “Yay! We can have parties here!”

Service: ” Great, but you have to wait a while for your coffee to come out. But if you have time on your hands you can sit and relax whilst your coffee is brewing”. said Katherine. “And I didn’t like the wait”.

Coffee: “IT’s fricking GREAT!!!!! Am yet to try the food, but will do it one day ” says Katherine.

And we’ll let you know how that visit went. To read a more detailed version of this, click on:
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