Cafe Fraus at North Melbourne

My friend B and I went to Cafe Fraus for lunch. B was in the mood for something not too heavy and I thought of crepes. Cafe Fraus came to my mind.
Cafe Fraus’s chocolates and their powder are sold here.There are twenty different varieties here and some of them you can take home. It got a good mention in the Age good cafe guide.
For my thick hot chocolate I had the zabaglione. It was really custardy and thick. What came to mind was custard. Nowhere in Melbourne with the exception of Cacao does anything like this. Even Max brenner’s does not have this. For their hot chocolates ($5.50) it is just a measly small cup compared to this. I’m not sure how much this is but it sure is good.

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We shared a roasted vegetable crepe with breadsticks and a breakfast tasting plate. These are a bit more expensive than Roule Galette and Creperie Le triskel, but just ok. The sweet one was much better than the savoury one. The savoury one was hard to eat. The vegetables were good, just that the savoury one was a bit cold and too crunchy.

For the breakfast one I loved the honey and crepe. Not so sure about the fruits and the yoghurt. The yoghurt was a little sour and the fruits were not fresh.

This is a good place to study and have coffee and chocolates. Not so much for lunch and dinner. I’ll be back to try their sweet crepes and baked goods. It is in zone 1 and in the city saver zone. You can get the number 57 tram and get off at Victoria and Errol sts

Our bill came to about $32.90