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Monsieur Truffe

It was a cloudy day with not much sunshine and I was heading up to RMIT Bundoora to help out with a bbq. So to break up the one hour tram journey I decided to get off at the corner of Gertrude and Smith sts Collingwood and went to Monsieur Truffe. I took the 86 tram from Bourke st in the city to Monsieur Truffe and to RMIT Bundoora.

Monsieur Truffe is a chocolate shop and cafe. It was recommended by the Age and Just like Max Brenner in the city it specialises in chocolate. But this is a much better version of it. I got to try some samples of chocolate truffles and I really liked the flavour of the raspberry, grand meriner and lime truffles. Next time when I’m here I should buy them.

some of the handmade chocolates that they sell

Miss Adriennely also inspired me to go there. I was going to try out some of the homemade ice cream as recommended in other blogs but was still full from breakfast.
So instead I ordered a hot chocolate and a macaroon ($7.30 altogether).
The macaroon ($2.50 each) was a bit small, but was well crafted. The guy there told me that it was handmade. I think they could have made it a bit bigger for that price.
The hot chocolate was small and decadent. It was presented in a small cup. The chocolate was not too sweet, but it may be a bit bitter for some of those who have sweet tooths.
Monsieur Truffe on Urbanspoon
The guy here was lovely, but the lady that served me wasn’t as nice as the guy was. I think that she might be having a bad day.

Day out at Melbourne Uni and I’ve only spent $11.30 on meals.

Today was wet and really cold and I was in the library. I had brought my own lunch but I decided to go to Crepes A Carte outside the John Medley buidling westwards. After weeks of trying to find it I found it. I have read reviews from Miss Adriennely’s blog that it was really good so it was time to have a try of it.
This place has quite a few savoury and sweet crepes. I’m not sure if the crepes are gluten free and I don’t think they do vegetarian crepes.

Crepes a la Carte on Urbanspoon

They are enviromentally sustainable and they use biodegrable cups and paper. They are also student run and I don’t think they are for profit altough they might beg to differ on that.
The sever was really pleasant to me. He was really chatty and let me take pictures for my post.
The place is really only a take away place is probably not such a great idea to visit when it is wet. My crepe Raspberry grappa jam with whipped cream was only $6. I would have order ice cream but it would have melted by the time I ate it.
The whipped cream had melted but the rest was so yummy.
The seating area outside. Here it is a bit too dark

Later on I went to Breadelicious in union house to buy my hot chocolate ($3.50) and a mexican bun ($1.80). With my chocolate I got my cheese breadstick for free as it is buy one hot drink get a cheese stick/crossaint/jap bun free. They have run out of the jap bun.
The server was really chatty. They looked like they were students. Both of them were in casual. I liked the Indian guy.
There is no seating. I had to sit outside in the food court and it was really cramped with lots and lots of students.
The mexician bun was bit salty for me. But I loved the coffee on top. It was also a bit small for $1.80. I have seen bigger ones for $1.80 in Breadtop and Bread and butter.
I loved all the foam on the chocolate, but they could have put a bit of art on top to make it worth $3.50. A bit more sugar would be great for me, but if are a not so sweet person this will probably be right for you.
The cheese stick was a bit too sweet for me. I think I would have liked the cheese stick to be salty and the Mexican bun to be sweet. I think they must have mixed their serving utensils. And the cheese stick should be cheesier.
Lets say that there are much better places than this.

cacao fine chocolates

Today was a nice cold day for hot chocolates. Upon reading about this place in the Age Cafe Guide I decided to check it out.
This place is in the GPO which is Melbourne’s most loved shopping place for designer gear. I have seen this place a few times, but did not have the time to try it.

Their opening hours. Cacao opens when the rest of GPO opens

Some of their handmade chocolate

I love their mug with the word “Cacao”

Cacao is small and very cosy. It is an open air cafe in the middle of GPO. One disadvantage is that the bathrooms are nowhere to been seen. They are downstairs in the basement. You take the lift to go down. They even sell their own handmade chocolates.
The service was quick.
Here’s what I ordered and it all came up to $15.15 altogether. One hot chocolate, one lemon and one raspberry macaroon and one chocolate crossaint. The Crossaint was recommended by the Age.
The macaroons were really flavoursome. They were nice and sweet and did not crack at the bottom. You can buy them for $10-$15 per box. There are also some chocolate golf balls which you can buy for $5.95 each.
The chocolate crossaint was not warm enough and did not have much chocolate to it. Other than that it was nice.
The chocolate was really nicely done. It was really big and filling for the price I paid for it.
I would be coming back here again this time with a friend. And also they should be featured in the Entertainment book offers
Cacao Fine Chocolates and Patisserie on Urbanspoon

laurent bakery

I went to Laurent Bakery for lunch. It is featured in this years Entertainment book under the takeaway section.
Here they are a French bakery selling freshly made cakes and breads all under $15. Like Brunetti’s in Myer all the breads and sweets are on display and you can select one.They are really good for their macaroons but I hadn’t had a chance to try them. Maybe next time. But they are not cheap. The area is quite open and airy with two levels of dining. I have seen it a few times, but never got a chance to try it.
The lady smiled and was really friendly, but the man not so much. I think he was a bit rushed off his feet at the drink station.

Here’s what I had: pumpkin soup ($9.50), creme brulee ($6.50) and a green tea ($5.00). The pumpkin soup was nice and creamy and was plated nicely with a small $0.70 bread roll.
The pumpkin soup was really creamy and was freshly made. I could taste the pumpkin bits in it. It does not have MSG in it.
The bread roll all though small was freshly made.
The creme brulee was plated very nicely the way how they do it on Masterchef. I think that they have a masterchef in the kitchen who does all of this. However it did taste a bit more like pannacotta than it did like creme brulee. The vanilla bean stick did the favor in the dessert. I would have liked the crumbly bits to be at the bottom rather than the top, because i kept on making a mess trying to get to the creamy stuff.
All in all I would come back here with my library group as they would really like this and there’s plenty of seating for everyone.
Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie on Urbanspoon

AIX Creperie Salon

I got my results today and I was not happy. I know I need to make a few complaints with my lecturer because I had a few problems with my assesment.

My dessert crepe

Some of the stuff they have

I didn’t mean to take a really messy picture of this, but this is to show you just how good the cheese was

So to cheer me up I went to AIX creperie salon in Centre place and enjoyed myself immensely. The place was very cramped and very busy. To save money on the rent the place is very small. I had to share a table with a family of four and to the guy I elbowed sorry, didn’t mean to do it! Just that the table was small and cramped.
This place was recommended by the Age’s good cafe guide as one of the best cafes. It did not disappoint. The service could have been a bit better, but I do understand that they have been a rushed of their feet. Never the less the atmosphere is still good. I loved the music and the display of the baguettes outside. They looked so tempting. From what I read they do gluten free crepes. They do have a few vegetarian crepes on the menu. They also do organic teas where you choose your cannister and they make it up for you.
Here’s what I ordered: a cup of really strong mocha ($3.00), a ham, swiss cheese and tomato crepe ($8.50) and the chef’s special dessert crepe (which the Age also recommended and is $8.50)
The mocha was really big for $3.00 and they used their great blend of coffee. But I think that it needed to include a teaspoon of chocolate. It is supposed to be sweet and coffee like. I hope I can sleep tonight.
The ham and cheese crepe was really good. These were thicker than the ones you get at Roule Galatte Creperie. The cheese melted really well. My guess is that it is brie because it is so creamy and cheesy and I like that feeling. I couldn’t quite taste the ham and tomato as much as the cheese, but I know they were in there.
The dessert crepe was so sweet. I couldn’t really taste the homemade fig jam, because the orange blossom honey overpowered it so much. The ice cream melted on top. If they were going to do it really warm, they should put the ice cream in a seperate little saucer. The walnuts gave it a very nutty taste.
I would come here again to try the lasagna crepe. It looked so big and filling.
Aix Café Creperie Salon on Urbanspoon

free hot chocolate and a french lunch in degraves st

Today I forgot to bring my lunch from home. I’m volunteering at the su and in the computer lab today. It looked a very wintry day so I felt like hot chocolate and french lunch
1) Chocolate @Hudsons coffee in A Beckett st
This will probably be the only time  I will have hot chocolate from Hudsons in A Beckett st, as they will be closing down on the 30th. I went there with two other colleagues and they had a hot chocolate and flat white. I had my buy one get one free drink voucher from the Entertainment book, so I used that and got the free drink.
Hudson’s sells a lot of merchandise as well as drinks and food.
The hot choc was really nice for a cold day

Roule Galette on Urbanspoon
Hudsons Coffee on UrbanspoonB3 Café Patisserie on Urbanspoon

2) Lunch in Degraves st
For lunch today I decided to try the baguettes at B3 cafe. Baguettes are a French sandwich consisting of a long (predominately french) roll and fillings. Here the little ones are $3.50 each and the big ones are $5.
It started showering on me whilst I was waiting to order. Here they have no seating, as it is only a take away place.
I had a little $3.50 baguette of proscutto and lettuce. Proscutto is Italian ham. It may taste a bit weird and salty when you first try it, but after a while you get used to the taste. I didn’t like it when I was younger but now I do.
The mayonaise overpowered the sandwich a bit, as I could not taste the proscutto much. I loved the tang of the mayonaise. But I think if they put a little less mayonaise and more proscutto I would have liked it a bit more. But the bread was really fresh, like the way it should be with French bread.

After that I went to Roule Galette. Roule Galette is a French place. “Galette” I think are French crepes. These can be sweet or savoury. Now they are having a $12 special of one crepe and a drink. I had the French green tea ($3.50 per pot) and a virginie crepe with ice cream ($8). You can see that from the last post of how the French drink the tea.

See how cute the jars are!

The drinks that they have. They also have cider (I didn’t get to try it this time, but next time)

The nice bowl of salad leaves.

I took pictures of the nearby tables because their food looked really nice too.

It just as busy as last time and the guys were really nice. But not as cramped because they have opened a second shop nearby crown.

You can find them on Facebook and befriend them

Lunch in two French places

I went to two French places on Hardware lane for lunch. They are really good places. Hardware lane is just a five minute walk from the city and Business campus and is in between Elizabeth and Queen sts.
Hardware lane is one place known for its quality and premium dining in the CBD. If you have a chance you should visit.
La Belle Miette on Urbanspoon
Bon a Manger on Urbanspoon
1) Bon a’ manger
This place is like a school canteen; you just grab whatever you want and you pay for it, only except this place makes great quality coffee and hot chocolates. They sell salads, yoghurt, fruits, baguettes, sandwiches, pies, quiches etc. It is like Pearson’s and Murphy’s in terms of what they offer.
The server there, unlike the Vietnamese place in Moonee Ponds was lovely and attentative as all waiters should be. He was really pleasant and treats his customers well.
The lunch did not disappoint me. I had the pumpkin soup and bread ($6.50 for a large bowl) and a lovely light and foamy hot chocolate ($3.50). I had to ask for the sugars though. I could taste all the pumpkin and corn bits in it which means that it was made freshly. It tasted like it was homemade and not from a can.

Look how luscious my macaroon is. See the jam inside!

The soup pots. You choose your soup and the server fills the bowl for you.

Look at how good the artwork is.

the french tea organic blend

Next time I should come with my library group though. They would like the food here.
To promote themselves they could be an Entertainment book web offer (

2) La Belle Miette
This place is well known for the French macaroons. These macaroons were sweet and light and puffy, not like some of the ones that I bought earlier. All of their macaroons come from their main restaurant which is Richmond.
The lady there was really nice and knowledgeable about the products sold. She reccomended the new persimmon macaroon ($2.50). Dark red in colour, this was sweet with a hint of tanginess from the persimmon. She also said that they do take away macaroons in a box- $15 per box (I think that it is for a box of 6 macaroons. I’m not sure how much it is for 12 macaroons though, but they do 12 macaroons as well).
I also ordered a cherry and sake one ($2.50), lemon ($2.50) and a pink one (can’t remember the name- $2.50). This place is famous for their French teas. I also had their famous green tea which was nice and refreshing ($3.50). It was also very relaxing. They also sell lemonade, but I didn’t feel like it on a cold winter’s day.
This place is a nice place to study in, as there was no need to hurry. Even though there is limited seating I loved their furniture, nice and cozy. I also took some pictures of the decor and the macaroon tree.
My verdict: its probably nice to go there once in a while, not every day though. I will come back with a friend or two or my library group for tea and macaroons. And to promote themselves, they could have an offer in the Entertainment book as a web offer (

Lunch and crepes on and near hardware lane

I finally bought a new ENTERTAINMENT BOOK!!!! Yay! So at least I can have one year’s worth of discount offers. This time the book is much better; it has more solo dining offers. It also has offers on McDonalds, McCafe, Mrs Fields, Pie face ( I can’t wait to try the Lt Collins st store), Chillipadi (and Chilli India), Campari house and some other places. I can also use my membership to purchase tickets, magazines and other stuff online.
 I felt like sushi for lunch. So I consulted my list or places and Urbanspoon. I decided that I wanted to go close by and that I wanted to explore Hardware lane. I have read many good things about this lane.
1) Sushi deli
This place mainly does sushi, but by 1:30pm most of the sushi was all gone. However I did get to try the egg sushi ( about $2 perhaps)and the unagi don ($10.80).

Sushi Deli on Urbanspoon

My unfinished rice suggests that this is pretty bad.

The place is small and dingy and the posters looked a bit worn. Also most of the furnishings looked really old.
This place is run by Chinese, which warning bells sounded in my head, but it was too late… I already have ordered. I could see them microwave my meal…. which is also another bad sign. I dislike food that is microwaved as it does not taste fresh.
The sushi was not too bad, but it did almost fall apart towards the end
The Unagi don was worse. I forced myself to eat the fish and vegetables which were not fresh and the rice was microwaved and done really badly. Most Chinese restaurants use the cheap imported rice. I can think of much better places than this. The dish had too much msg.
Lets just say that they are only really good at making sushi. Avoid this place at all costs.

2) Creperie Le Triskel
After a rather disappointing lunch, I went exploring on Hardware lane and found Creperie Le triskel. Creperie Le Triskel is known to be a really great French creperie place. By then it was raining.

Creperie le Triskel on Urbanspoon
The place was very warm and friendly, unlike the other place. In here you can study with the French music playing in the background. I also liked the books as it suggests a quiet study place.
The waiter was rather friendly and unlike the other place he was really French.
I ordered a strawberry pancake with ice cream ($7.50 + $0.35 in tips). The pancake was really yummy and authentic. It was very filling.
The strawberries were fresh and sweet.
The crepe was freshly done. You can see them doing your crepe as you sit and wait for it.
Next time when I come I should try the savoury and sweet crepes. Also they are encouraged have an offer in the Entertainment book as it will be well recceived.

Cafeteria Luis

This place is situated in Puckle Street in Moonee ponds, which suits both the Brunswick and City campus students. It is a French café which sells breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner. They are really friendly with the kids.
They sell takeaway macaroons, cakes and other products. I ordered the Eggs Benedict and Hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was big and I only had to pay about $4. It comes with a marshmallow. The eggs Benedict were a really small serving for only $10.50, but what I did enjoy was the eggs and brioche toast. The eggs were cooked to perfection and the brioche toast was very authentic to the French cuisine.

Cafeteria Luis - Boulangerie Patisserie on Urbanspoon

This place is for people that like to study in peace, but today it was full of people with children. To those of you that like your peace, come to le cafeteria before 10am. After that you won’t get a moment of peace.
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