Dinner at Shakhari

Last night I went out for a free dinner with RUSU Realfoods team. This free dinner was to thank us for our hard work.
Here we walked from our cafe to a place called Shakhari. This place is asian, namely Indian and Vegetarian. It has a very homely feeling.
To start off with we had drinks. They do have wines and beers on offer as well as non alcholic drinks such as lassi.
I had a green tea ($3.00 each), my friend had a chai.
For starters we had;
1) Some sort of cabbage roll
2) Salad
3) More salads
For the mains, which by the way we had to wait for more than half an hour for it:
3) Curry
4) Some sort of rice
5) Satay sticks
6) Some sort of vegetarian plate
7) Potato cakes.
People had dessert after, but I had to go and I also didn’t want dessert.
I think that Here’s the veg would enjoy going out here., but they might not enjoy the wait!

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