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Eat @ Affogato

I went to Affogato with a friend from Vietnam who is a new student here. Her name is ” Viet girl”. I have seen many good reviews on and was keen on trying out their affogato (or italian coffee).
So we went on this sunny day and we both got to try the Affogato ($4.50 each). The Affogato, which we’ve never tried is a little bit bitter but with a bit of sugar its just right. The waiter said that we can pour the coffee over the ice cream and then wait for it to melt or you can eat it straightaway. Some of the other bloggers said that you get chocolate with it, but with ours we did not.
I also tried the French toast ($8.00 I think). It was sweet with just the right amount of maple syrup, but what I would have really liked was some strawberries and castor sugar with it. Viet girl had nothing, because she wasn’t hungry.
The waiter was a bit friendly, but was a bit clumsy. He dropped the coffee menu on the floor after I went up and requested it. He obviously forgot to bring it when he got us our breakfast menus.
The interior is really cool, but the outside more so. I wanted to sit outside but Viet girl wanted inside, so we were inside.
All in all I recommend this place to you, if you don’t mind the slow service. The place is not open for dinner but they are open for breakfast and lunch and you can study here. The atmosphere is quiet and cosy for students to study.

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Campari House

I love the wooden spoon- isn’t it cute!

I went to Campari House for lunch after I discovered that I forgot my lunch at home. Silly old me. But I am glad I went there, after this mornings horrible coffee service and terrible hot chocolate.
It is in lovely Hardware Lane where it is bustling full of people. It was lovely and sunny when I went there. Like most restaurants they are open until later in the evening and they have plenty of outdoor seating.The service here was unpretentious and charming. Quite a few tables were here. The lady there was lovely to me and at the end when I had my Entertainment card tole me that there was a wait for her manager to process it.
I had the $18 lunch special which included coffee as well as lunch. Here it included a choice of pizza or pasta and I chose the vegetarian ricotta with artichoke, mushrooms, capsicum and basil pizza. Here it was a big pizza on a wood tray, which reminded me of the country. The base and crust was really thin which I liked. Normally pizza costs around $16-$18 and a mocha costs around $3.50-$4 so this was pretty good value. What’s even better, is that they took 25% off the total bill. I only had to pay $13.50.
The mocha was done really nicely and nice artwork on top. It was frothy and milky not like the hot chocolate that I bought this morning.
I would love to return this time with Miss Adriennely.

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Key on the wall restaurant and Lygon st, Carlton

Last night for dinner I went to Key on the Wall restaurant in Lygon st, Carlton with my library group. There was about twenty people in all. The place was a little bit hard to find, because Lygon st has many Italian restaraunts.

Lygon st
It is the Italian precinct of Melbourne. Here you will find many Italian food places such as Brunettis, Il Gambero and other Italian places. Here you can get authentic Italian food. Some of the Italian places are known for their “great espresso”. Brunetti’s is one such place. There are also many authentic Italian delis and shops. There is also a German spice shop here.
There are a few gelati places around where you can buy cheap desserts. There is also a famous bakehouse here, but I have not been yet.
There is also a little cinema that shows world movies known as Nova. Here there are great student specials.
There is also Borders and Readings bookshops where you can sit and read books. Inside Borders there is a Gloria Jeans coffee shop, where you can sit and read books for hours.
At nighttime the place can be a bit scary, with people hoon driving. There have been a few muggings and drunken people, especially after 9pm. Don’t walk to the tram stop alone at night (its about a few blocks away from Lygon st in Swanston st), walk to the bus stop instead. There are a few bus stops in Lygon st, where you can catch the bus to go back to the city. There are times posted at the bus stop, check them out during the daytime.

Key on the Wall Restaurant.
This restaurant is really small and cozy. The bus stop is just a block away from the restaurant. This is great for people like me that don’t like to walk to the tram stop after dark. I got there at 6:30pm. The restaurant was not too busy when I arrived, but later on it did get busy. I liked the authentic Italian decor and the photographs on the wall. When you are in Lygon st and dining in an Italian restaurant this is what you will find. They served wine by the glass. This is also what you will find here in Lygon st.
The waiter was really friendly, although it did take a a while for us to order. He was also really attentive, waiting for everyone to finish before clearing the plates.
The meals range from $15.90 (entree) to $26/$27 (mains). Here there is not a lot of vegetarian meals. There is heaps of seafood meals, as the Italians love their seafood.
I had a fettucine with pesto and pinenuts in an entree size ($15.90). The entree size is big enough to fill you up. It was really cheesy which I liked. The sauce was consistent and the pasta was cooked perfectly.

My dessert looks beautiful

Our free bread- look how small it is!

For dessert I had strawberry crepes ($9.90). Here this was done the French way which I liked. I loved the decorations on the plate and the cream. It was so worth the money.
This restaurant is good for only special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. Because of the price, I wouldn’t go there everyday. If there was something special I would come back
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La Famiglia

This place is in Cooper st, Epping (Its actually in Epping Plaza). This place is well serviced by buses from RMIT Bundoora and Epping stations. They have some vegetarian meals, as well as seafood and meat. Food was great. We ordered a Meditteranean Vegetable Pizza to share ($17) and a Sorbet with four different flavours ($5.50). Sorbet was really refreshing and the pizza tasted quite nice. Went there with my friend and the waitress was really lovely.

There was also a big piece of tiramisu, but I didn’t have a chance to try it or take a picture of it.
Also we had the 25% discount voucher from the Entertainment book, so we used that. So altogether the meal costed $20.55.

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