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sushi at Sakura kaiten

Sakura kaiten sushi is a sushi train restaurant in Lt Collins st, near Parliament station. Here it is a small dim and dark little booth, which I found it hard to find. But once inside it was buzzing with people.
I have heard about this place in
Here their atmosphere is much better than Tomodachi and gogo sushi. The staff there are much nicer and they managed to fill my cup of tea ($2.50) up quite a few times. Unlike Tomodachi, the place is actually run by Japanese and you can easily see the chefs at work.
They have limited meals, but they sure do have a lot of hot and cold snacks on the train which you can choose. Prices range from $3.60 (pink) to $6-$7 (red). There is a daily special there and today’s special was a salmon salad. But I did not have a lot of money.
You just grab whatever you want and in the end the waitress works out how much you had by counting your plates. Each plate is colour coded.
I had a salmon sushi, seaweed salad, some sort of cold dumplings, gyoza, vegetable sushi and red bean mochii.

The salmon sushi was not fresh. I think it had been on the train for quite a while now.
The cold prawn dumplings were really soggy and I found them really hard to eat.
But the seaweed salad, veggie sushi, gyoza and mochii were a joy to eat. The gyoza were nice and hot not like the ones at Chillipadi. These ones were fried.
The mochii was nice and soft and it had a nice red bean filling to it. Yummy!
I think I might have found a better sushi train restaurant in the city and it is here in Sakura Kaiten. This is wayyy more filling than Tomodachi and Gogo sushi. As this place is really expensive it might be better to go there on special occasions
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la delicatezza and brother baba budan and ramen ya

I went to La Delicatezza in Newmarket. I have seen this place before when I was going past on the tram and train and their meats and fresh cheeses enticed me to go in. This place is opposite the train station and in zone 1.
It is a small shop selling pantry goods and small goods, as well as a cafe with a homely feeling. They also sell Italian drinks.
The guy there was really friendly with his customers and that added to the homely feeling.
I had a ristretto and a banana bread ($5 in cash altogether- the place has a policy of no eftpos for purchases under $10)
The ristretto was a little small for the size but it was only $1. The banana bread tasted more like cake. I did like the jam and the butter. The jam was freshly made and not from Cottees or some other canned brands that you buy at the supermarket. This was actually homemade.

2) Brother Baba budan
This shop sells only coffees and a small amount of pastries not lunch items. I’m glad that its ranked number 23 on and everyone seems to like it: kran and nina,, etc all like it.
Their coffee is done by Seven seeds and this another place that has a homely feeling to it. It was crowded when I went with everyone buying takeaway coffees.
My mocha and biscuit came to $7 and they were both nicely done (note: they do have an eftpos minimum of $20).

3) Ramen ya
This was also a busy place and they also had the same eftpos policy of minimum of $20, except in happy hour which is a minimum of $10.
It is in a laneway in GPO.
Here they don’t sell sushi, but instead they sell ramen and bento boxes as well as Japanese dessert. All their bento boxes are $10 with the option of adding green tea and msio soup for $4. I got a tofu bento box  with green tea for $12.50. Their ramen sets for $13 (or was it $14) are huge! It is enough to feed you.
If you are not familiar with Japanese food they also have some plastic models of the food which you can see and then make up your mind.

Here everything is authentic and I loved the green tea today. It is real Japanese. The only thing I didn’t like was the rice in the bento box. It was cold and a wee bit squishy. But other than that it was all good. The tofu was soft and delicate which I liked and the salads were really fresh.
I would come back here with a friend. I’m glad that Eat and be merry for tommorrow we diet, I-hua, Pooh in the Kitchen, Gastrology etc enjoyed it.

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