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Eat at Orient Express

I know that I said that I’ll never go there again.
But you know what! A new one has just opened in Docklands and I heard that this one is much better than the one at Crown.

Just a cute jar- with this you take it to the waitstaff and you ask them for the ice cream

My salad which was fresh

But not many people raved about it or found it. I think they think that seeing as the old one was really bad, this one will be just as bad.
It is a yum cha, hot and cold as well as a sushi train. You just pick what you want and you can also order as well. 
The lighting and decor is much better than the one at crown.

But to prove you wrong, this was much better than the one at Crown. The service was much more attentative, where as the one at Crown the wait staff left you alone to decide and you couldn’t order anything off the train.

The prices are still the same as Crown; from $2.80 for white plates to $7 for the black plates. Its $4 per steamer basket.
Unlike the one at Crown they have more desserts and dishes on offer. I had the chance to try the Green tea ice cream and it was heavenly.
Some of the other food bloggers should give this a go even if this is hidden away in Harbour town. Seriously! And guess what they have a 25% discount voucher in the Entertainment book, but I went alone so couldn’t use it.

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Meshiya is a nice little Japanese restaurant serving authentic Japanese food and drinks.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, why have you become so expensive but have not increased your portion sizes? You used to be really cheap, but now you are really expensive.
When I brought people over they were really happy about the price. Even though we loved the quality of the food, I’m afraid I won’t make too many visits.

Last time I went was about a year ago and prices were reasonable.
Today I brought a couple of people over and whilst they were wowed by the food, they weren’t by the prices. I had the Chirashi don ($18 or $19 I can’t remember, last time it was $16) as usual and as usual it was really good with the fish being fresh.
We all shared a gyoza plate ($7.00). I have to admit, these weren’t the best gyoza I had. In fact these were a little too soggy and fell apart.
The others had a mini chirashi ($14 for such a small plate) and eel sushi. I didn’t get to try the eel sushi but I think they really enjoyed this.
I don’t whether it was me that caught you on a bad day or what but I might just ask Big Fil from eat and be merry to try this place out and see what he thinks of it.

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Eat at Sushi Kissaten

I was at the market doing the shopping. My fridge was empty and I needed some food. I was hungry afterwards so I headed to Queen Victoria market’s newest enterprise “Sushi Kissten”. This place was open for a few months but I haven’t discovered it until today.
This place was mainly full with Caucasians and tourists and there’s a reason why. Although run by Japanese service was minimalist and lunch was served in a jiffy.

My ramen which I was so disappointed that I did not finish the soup.

Look how soggy the gyoza are

Oh there’s always a reason why there are not many Asians today and it’s because most of your meals are lacklustre, except for the sushi. The sushi is always fresh and at $2.50 a pop its not bad. They used the right rice for this and the egg was done nicely. I had the egg one of course.
Taking a look at some of the bentos around the restaurant I noticed that most of the hot things were overcooked and they looked unappetizing. So instead what did I order? A gyoza ramen, which is soup noodles with gyoza. Because the gyoza was in the soup they tended to be soggy. They also did not have much filling to it, which I hated. But that’s not all. The noodles were instant noodles, ones that I can find in Chinese shops. And there wasn’t a lot of stuff besides the gyoza and the noodles. What there was, was a whole lot of instant soup.
Would I pay $9.50 for this? No, when I paid the $9.50 I expected more and for the gyoza to be on a plate rather than dumped into the bowl with the soup.
I would like to see what other bloggers such as Eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet, 730 of my life etc think of this place. I now know why didn’t like the place. Note this place is only opened on Tuesdays, Thursdays-Sundays and only for lunch.

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Sushi Sakura in Docklands

This is a little Japanese cafe in Harbour town, Docklands. Here they supposedly specialise in sushi, but they also sell Bento boxes and other meals. The bento boxes looked huge, but seeing as it was a hot day, I didn’t want something too heavy for me.Most of their meals are under $15, which is what attracted me to try this place.It was busy with people all wanting sushi.
Service was virtually non existent. You had t6o go up there and get your own cutlery, sauces and serviettes. It was also a little too slow in my opinion.
I got a dried up vegetable sushi for $2.70, which looked fresh in the display but evidently not so.
 I got a soba noodle salad for $10 and it was a huge plate of vegies (vegetables) and noodles with lots of dressing which drowned out the vegetables. The noodles were cooked just to perfection and the vegetables were fresh. I liked the dressing, but it was too much for me. It drowned out some of the vegetables. But it was a decent feed.
I might see a return visit in the future but maybe with Snooze, Big Fil, Bureaucrat etc from Eat and Be merry for tomorrow we diet.

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sushi sushi @ Melbourne Central and movies at Kino Cinemas.

I went to Sushi Sushi with my friend from the country. She was down in Melbourne for the weekend and we wanted to see a movie and have lunch. We went for a coffee at Hudsons and it was the same as before
1) Sushi Sushi- Ground level Melbourne Central.
Here this is a shop only selling sushi. This is a cash only place. It was really busy today, but did not excuse the rudeness and the crappy behaviour of our server. She was asian, young and her black hair was tied back and in a cap. Our server should have smiled and be really friendly and accomodating. I gave her the buy one get one free voucher for a salmon sushi box and it clearly explained it on there. When I asked for two salmon sushi boxes and one inari box she was a bit confused. We may have confused her a little bit, but that does not equate to not GIVING ME the other salmon box and instead making the inari box free. Also I should have been charged for the inari box seeing as we’re paying customers. The rules and the deal in the Entertainment book clearly states this.
A tip to her: next time you serve someone and they wanted an extra box don’t give them a look or be cross with them to give the impression that I just peed on your lawn.

Some of the sushi was not bad. I liked the inari sushi the most. The least one that I liked was the salmon sushi, this was really badly executed and the sushi fell apart.
The hand roll was a let down…. it was really squashed and horribly bad.
I will give this place the flick as there are much better and much cheaper sushi places out there. Go to Diane’s sushi, you’ll like this better than in here.

2) Kino cinemas.
45 Collins st
Melbourne 3000
Here this place is located in an open area shopping centre in between ANZ and Telstra building. It was a bit hard to locate, but eventually we saw the sign.
Although this cinema is small, it is actually owned by Palace Cinemas. There is one in Westgarth, Balwyn and Brighton.
Here the place is very comfy, cheap and clean. Unlike Hoyts where they charge you at least $17.00 and don’t care about the comfort of their patrons, this place charges $13.00 and they keep the place nice and tidy and warm. Here they sell alcohol unlike Hoyts and Village and some lovely warm, homemade muffins. And they have their cheap movie days on Mondays where student tickets are $7.00. At Hoyts you can only buy alcohol for La Premiere movies.
They host a whole lot of international and local movies, not just the big blockbusters, unlike Hoyts and Village. Right now they are screening some films from the Melbourne International film festival.
The sound and the screen here are much better. Because this is a small cinema and a small theatre it is much easier to concentrate on the movie without all the chatter. And they really do enforce the ” please turn your mobile off” and “no talking rule”.
Students you should try and visit Kino and experience it for yourselves.

Diane’s cheap sushi

I went to Diane’s sushi close to 2pm. I was in the mood for some sushi. A few weeks ago I received an advertisement to try them out. So I did.
The place is just outside Melbourne central train station (Latrobe st side) near Elizabeth st. It may not look like much on the outside, but the inside is a totally different story. They have limited seating inside, hence this is takeaway joint.

Most of their sushi is priced under $2, with the exception of brown rice sushi which is $2.50. The inari was $0.80. They do however have a $1 sushi special.
The guy seemed pleasant, but a little too cocky for me. No wonder there are not that many customers.
Here’s what I ordered: A salmon brown rice sushi roll ($2.50), an inari ($0.80) and a vegetarian sushi roll ($1.60). I forgot to take pictures of them.
The inari was plain and dry. It looked like it was a day old.
The salmon sushi roll was freshly done and the rice was a little sweet. The salmon was very fresh though.
The vegetarian roll was just right.
I would come back here just to have the rolls and nothing else. And only for takeaway. Students don’t buy the $0.80 inari- it is really dry

Sushi ten @city

My Mix Chirashi don (top), my miso soup (bottom)

The sign outside

The menu- they don’t have paper ones

This place is hidden away in the Port Phillip arcade. It was hard to find at first, but in the end I found it. There were a lot of good reviews on Urbanspoon and I had found out that the place is pretty cheap.
It was so cramped inside and it took a while for my order to come. When I came at 12:30pm the place was packed with caucasians (and sone asians). So whilst I was waiting I helped myself to the free tea. Unlike the “How to cook and eat” blog ( the server did not watch over the chopsticks, neither were they disposable. But I do have to agree about the food though.
Today I had a mixed chirashi don ($15) and miso soup ($2). It had cooked salmon, fresh salmon and tuna, rice, avocado and cucumber.

The cooked salmon was overcooked. At first I thought it was pork. But it turned out to be salmon. It was really tough.
The fish was fresh though. Although I loved all the fish, they could have put more vegetables in my dish. And even a beancurd skins and eggs would have been better.
One mistake though that most cheap Japanese restaurants make is serving warm rice for the chirashi don. The rice should be cold and not with the wrong sauce. That sauce that they used is for wam dishes like tempura. The rice should be vinagared. I forced myself to eat the whole thing.
The soup was the only thing that saved the meal. It had lovely beancurd pieces. The seaweed was lovely.
This place was just meh. I would only come back just to try their sushis. But it would take a while to persuade me.
My advice to them is to employ a new chef. Someone who is actually Japanese and who knows how to cut sushi rolls properly

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sushi and dessert @queen st

Today was a lovely day to have sushi. I have read many reviews on Dontoo and decided to visit there. I have heard it was really good.
Dontoo is on Queen st near the law buildings. Here you can take the free city circle tram from RMIT and get off at Queen st. It is really small, like all the other buildings up that end and the bathroom is outside. You need to get a key for it and unlock the door. It is really dirty inside. If you can hold on for a while, great!
The waitress was really friendly and a real Japanese waitress. You don’t get that much here in Melbourne. In most of the Melbourne Japanese take away joints they are either Chinese or Australian.
Dontoo was really popular. Being such a small place it was really crowded and there was a line of people all wanting takeaway. There is no outdoor seating though.
Today I had a miso soup and chirashi don for $10.50. The rice was a little bit too warm for this dish, but the sashimi, vegetables, cold tofu and ginger in this dish redeemed itself. I think that they should have left out the rice all together and put more vegetables in there.

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The miso soup was really good though. I would come back here to try the bento box and soba salad. The bento box from a couple of tables away looked really good.

After lunch I felt like a chocolate fix and saw a pie face nearby so I stopped there. Here Pie face specialises in pies small or big. I had a small, cold, sickly sweet pear and ricotta pie. I couldn’t taste much of the ricotta in it though.  The hot chocolate I had was quite nice. Altogether my pie and chocolate costed $5.95. The wait staff there were quite unfriendly (with exception to the guy that asked me quite politely if he can take the spare chair after a lady left. Mind you I had to share a table with someone.)

My horribly cold pie and my lovely chocolate

The other lady’s unfinished pie. I had to take it for you just to see how horrible the place is

The decor was really nice though. The pies looked really nice, but take one bite inside and they’re horrid. The lady who I sat with told me so. It tasted so horrid that she left bits of her pie behind. I managed to take a picture of it before it was taken away just to show you how horrid it was.
I would come back here only just for the hot chocolate.

Uni Sushi

Uni Sushi on Urbanspoon

            I think that this place is run by the Chinese, but they sure do good sushi. I had my doubts about this place, but it is not too bad. This place is all about healthy Japanese food and they specialise in sushi. They do all sorts of inari for only $2.20 each. The sushi plate was $8, but there are other meals from $11-$20.

Ajisen ramen

 date: 23/3/11              
 I have read many good things about this place from people on The place was warm and inviting and the food was a joy to eat.  I had the 25% off the total bill from the entertainment book, so the meal came out to be $10 per person and there were five of us. They serve good Japanese cuisine for $10-$15. I had a bento box for $13.50 and that was very satisfying.
Here is the picture of my bento box

Also we had the agedashi  tofu which was $6-$7, but they too were very satisfying.

Note: But in the second visit with a lot more people, some of the people felt a bit sick after their meal because of too much MSG. I found that they weren’t as good as the first visit

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