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Free coffee, lunch @65 Degrees and sweet treats at ganache chocolate

Today was a lovely sunny day and three events happened today:
First event: Free coffee outside of State library (and  I’m not kidding)
I rocked up to RMIT University today and someone outside of Melbourne Central promoted free coffee to everyone. These people were from my live tribe site and they wanted to promote their site. Their site is about saving a mates life on the road. Website: By 10 am there was a queue of people at the coffee cart. Whilst I was waiting for my free( but good) coffee I managed to score a few pictures and freebies, such as a free slurpee voucher and a buy one get one free game at Strike.

2nd event- Lunch at Gridlock (or should I say 65 Degrees).
This place is a speciality coffee shop. Here they roast their own coffee beans where you can buy it on site. They are priced between $11-$25 per bag.
Here I had a $18.50 lunch combo where it consisted of a ristretto, pork belly baguette with shaved apple and rice salad. The rice salad was a bit meh, it looked more like fried rice. They could have used a few more fresh vegetables instead of frozen vegetables and no bacon.
The ristretto was a bit bitter, but I loved it. I think that the blend was strong and flavoursome. I’m not sure what they used but it did the trick. Now I wonder if there is any public cupping sessions so that I know which blend is which and which blend is mild or strong.
The baguette was delish!I have never tasted pork belly baguette before. It’s sort of like bhanh mi except it has the apple in it and the carrots are not vinegary. The bread was soft and not too chewy and the pork was nice, but a little bit hard at times. The salad and the apple gave it a nice tangy twist.
I’d love to come back and try their tiramisu as I heard it is good. I think that Miss Adriennely, Eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet, here’s the veg etc would probably like it. And to Here’s the veg there are several vegetarian dishes on offer there.

3) Sweet treats at Ganache.
Here I took some pretty good photos of the place and had a great time sampling their ice cream, mint chocolate, caramel chocolate and macaroon. Their macaroon is not the best but their chocolates and ice cream are to die for! They are much better than the ones at Max brenners and they altogether costed me $9.50. Not bad eh!

I joined their chocolate club for free and there is a 10% off takeaway hot drinks as well as a monthly special. There is a free birthday plaque for every big birthday cake you buy
They do also have chocolate making classes.
There is another branch at South Yarra.
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hot chocolate at fix espresso in Moonee Ponds

I did my grocery shopping at Coles and it came out to $37.50. Not bad huh for 10 items. I was so happy.
The place on the corner near coles looked really interesting. I love going to espresso bars so this is worth a check out.
This place is about five minutes walk from the train station and about 1-2 minutes walk from the bus/tram interchange on Mt Alexander Road. It is in zone 1.
So  I went and boy did it look really cosy. It was really warm in there too, perfect for a cold day.
The guy and girl working there was really friendly towards me and their other clients. The guy owned a dog called “Fatty” and he got a pat from me after lunch. Kudos to the friendly servers.
Fix does not do a lot of food items but they sure make up for it with their fairtrade coffees and Hilliers. I got to try a Hilliers chocolate (I think it was $0.20 per piece) and it was lovely.
They have a limited range of breakfast foods, cakes, pies and sandwiches. By the prices that they charge and the brands they have, my guess is that they are organic.

The interesting old radio they have there makes things a little exciting

The plant reminds me of Realfoods- nostalgia

Ah the joys of chai- I am glad they have this brand here

To start off with I had a small hot chocolate ($3.70). That was lovely. It had loads of froth in it and had that nice sweetness to it.
Then I had the eggs, toast and salad ($17.20). They could have put more things in the salad seeing as the dish was expensive. I would have liked to have feta and olives in it. Also I assumed that it would be coming with two slices of toast not one. I did however think that the eggs are much better than the ones at Boathouse. I somehow thought that the bread was either brown or rye. Either way it is good for you.
The balsamic vinegar dressing was very subtle which I quite liked. The flavours of the vegetables stood out and were really fresh.
To top it off I had a coconut chocolate ball (about $3.5, I guess). Here the ball was nice but a little bit too hard from being in the fridge overnight. I would have liked it a bit more if it was softer.
I did like the coconut pieces however and chocolaty flavour however.
All in all I would come back here again only with a friend. And maybe this time I’d like to try out their chai lattes and pies. I would recomend this place to eat and be merry for tommorrow we diet blogwhere’s the beef730 days of my life and Eat, Play, Shop blog and anyone else who would like to try it

Website Add Website
Mon – Sat: 07:30 16:00
1 Everage street, Moonee Ponds, Australia 3039
Payment options
Cash Only
Takes bookings
Walk-ins welcome
Good for groups or parties
Good for children
Table service
Outdoor seating

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Eat @ Auction rooms

I went to Auction Rooms today and felt like a hot chocolate. Auction rooms is a coffee place where they brew and make their own coffees. You’ll find many of these types of places around Melbourne. This place is featured in the Age Good Cafe Guide. It is near the corner of Queensberry and Errol sts (in zone 1), so if you do tram it there, take the 57 tram. They also bake their own loaves of bread for people to buy. People can also buy their own coffee machines, coffee beans and cups.
There were a few people sitting inside today as it was cold and bitter outside. This place is HUGE!!! The counter sat in the middle of shop giving it that nice homeliness feeling. I like this feeling.
The staff here were really lovely and it was good to see that they have put some effort with their food, mainly pastries.

The rhubarb one (top middle) is the one that I tried

Some of the beans that they sell

The coffee machines

The coffee cups that they sell.

Heres what I ordered. It came out to be $8 altogehter. A rhubarb pastry and a hot chocolate. The Hot chocolate was done very nicely with a nice artwork on top ( sorry I forgot to take a picture of it). It was sweet and velvety.
The pastry was nice except for the rhubarb. The rhubarb was a little sour ( it might have been my tastebuds by the way not getting used to the rhubarb). I think the rhubarb overpowered the custard a little bit. I loved the custard and the pastry itself. It was baked freshly on site.
I would come back here again and next time order the raspberry one. Kudos to the waitress who gave me some recommendations.
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Muffin break Airport West and other locations near you

Muffin break is a franchise that is located in some suburbs. This franchise is from London. There is one outlet in the US and some in Dubai as well as in Melbourne. They specialise in making and baking products such as muffins and cakes.
I went there yesterday on an afternoon tea break and ordered scones ($3.90 for 2) and a pot of green tea ($3.60 per pot).
The server there did not smile but said thanks when I returned my tray. I think that she looked like she was fifteen and underpaid. I think that she looked a little bit sad.
The scones were nice and soft in the middle but really crumbly and dry on the outside. The jam is from Kraft.
Green tea was a bit meh, but I liked the pot (It looked so English). Milk and honey would have made it more English. The cups were really huge though and I was full after 1 1/2 scones and two cups of tea.

Muffin break on Urbanspoon

Would I return again? Likely not.

in a rush soup place in QV

The weather is so cold here that I felt like a nice bowl of soup and hot chocolate to warm me up. I didn’l feel like walking far from my work so I went to a place called In a Rush. This place is in QV where Woolworths is. Lots of trams go past the QV building and it is about 2-5 minutes walk from City and Business (Tivoli) campus. They specialise in soups and salads. I came here about 1:40pm, just after the lunch rush.
Here they had quite a few lunch specials on offer, all under $11. The one I ordered was a pasta salad and a pumpkin soup at $10.90. I threw in a hot chocolate at $3 for a regular cup.
The server did not seem very friendly to me. Did not smile. I think that she must have been tired from the busy lunch rush. I know that sometimes I am too, but it does not hurt to smile.
This place is merely a takeaway place in the food court, therefore there is not much seating.

All the sandwiches and salads they have

In a Rush- Qv on Urbanspoon

The types of soup they sell. You pick the one that you want and they do it for you

My pasta salad which looked a bit squashed, but was ok.

The pumpkin soup (their speciality) did not have much taste to it. I couldn’t tell whether it was freshly done or made from a can. I think that it had a little bit too much msg in it. Next time if you are going to order a soup and salad share it with someone as the portion is big enough to fill up two people.
The bread was crusty though. It was really fresh.
But I liked the pasta salad though. It didn’t have many vegetables though, but what I did like was that the vegetables were fresh and tasty. The pasta was al dente, but they put too much in there. They should have put more vegetables though.
Next time when I come I should really order the sandwiches. They looked really fresh from the display.

a visit to south Melbourne and the exam venue

Today I decided to do a dry run through to the exam venue (which by the way is Melbourne Sports and Aquatics centre in Albert park not at RMIT). I decided to do this test run to know how long it takes for me to get to the venue and where it is. And parking there is not cheap as I found out last time when I helped the Student Union with their exam support stall out there. I also wanted to know if there were any nearby shops and cafes around. I don’t want to eat at the Aquatics Centre, because the food there tastes really bad and like a dogs breakfast. When I was there last time I had a disgusting egg sandwich. Besides they don’t stock any healthy foods. And even if they do it would be expensive.

Melbourne Sports and Aquatics centre
It took me around 20-25 mins to get there by tram number 96 from the city. On the way I passed South Melbourne Market. The exam venue is located in zone 1. I got off at Wright st station and it was right in front of the station.

South Melbourne Market
On the way to Melbourne Sports and Aquatics centre last time I passed the South Melbourne Market and some of the South Melbourne cafes. I went in a car with Student Union.
This time I was eager to see what the South Melbourne Market had and how much meals were there. South Melbourne Market is about 5-10 mins by tram or by car from the exam venue and is in zone 1. There is free two hour parking there. But the only problem is that they are only open from 8am-4pm Wednesday through to Sunday. The people there are really lovely. I got one of South Melbourne’s famous Dim Sims (or Dimmies as they call them) for $1.60. They were really good, not like the ones at the local takeaway shops. They were really flavoursome and juicy, not dry like the ones that you get in the takeaway shops.

The flower shop

The fruit stalls

South Melbourne Market Dim Sims on Urbanspoon

There are also $5 Vietnamese Bread rolls and loads of good salads. There’s also a few coffee shops that brew their own coffee beans. The coffees there are always really freshly made. I didn’t get the chance to try these as I was full from my Dim Sim. There’s two or three organic places there that sell fresh food and groceries. There lots of cheap grocery places as well as lots of fresh food. I got two juicy mandarins for $0.50 altogether.
I got to try out one of the cheese there and found it to be really creamy.

The old paper shop deli
After South Melbourne Market I then ventured out on to Claredon st to see what good places I can find for coffee and lunch. There are heaps of them. There is even a Coles there. Claredon st is about 15-20 mins by tram 112 from Collins st in the city. And it is also about 5-10 mins from Melbourne Sports and Aquatics centre by car or by the 112 tram going to the city. The Max Brenners there looked really quiet. Maybe they were just really bad or maybe closed?
The place that really interested me the most is the Old paper shop deli. I loved the name of the shop. It reminded me of the good old times and it also implied that the food is fresh and homecooked. I was not wrong. I read that they have been around for 20 years. I thought that this is a proper bakery, but it is a cake shop that serves lunch and breakfast. Many students hang out here because it is affordable.
Here I had a huge hot chocolate ($3.80) and a vegetable sandwich with a mushroom salad ($15). The serves here are big. This is big enough to feed two people with small appetites. Although they used fresh vegetables I was not a fan of the salad. They have used waay too much chilli sauce and I could not taste the flavours of the vegetables. A bottom half of my sandwich was soaked in the dressing. I did like the sandwich though. It was really nice, but I think that they could have put a little less cheese in it.

The Old Paper Shop Deli on Urbanspoon

What I had for lunch

All in all it was a great experience and I would love to visit there again. Students if you are going to Melbourne Sports and Aquatics centre to do your exams, I suggest coming to South Melbourne for lunch. It is much cheaper and healthier and your body will thank you for it!

City library visit and Afternoon tea @ Journal cafe

Today was very busy in the RMIT library at Swanston st and I found it really hard to study. So I took a tram down to Collins st and walked a bit further up and turned right into Flinders lane and went to the City library and Journal Cafe
1) City library
The city library is next to the Centre for Adult Education. Here the library was really cosy and quiet, unlike Swanston library. I was able to get some work done. You can use the computers here for free provided that you book them. It is run by the City of Melbourne and open to the public.
To make you feel at ease there are free to read Vietnamese, Chinese, and other language magazines and books. But you can’t take the magazines out of the library. You can also learn English here.
There are fictional and non fictional books of every kind and subject. Unlike RMIT, there are also DVD movies and music that you can borrow for free. There is also a photocopy area, but I’m not sure how much it is to photocopy here.
There is a quiet study space upstairs and unlike RMIT it is actually very quiet.
Membership is free for everyone provided that you live in Victoria. You need to sign up online and bring in your ID and address into the library for it to be activated.

2) Journal Cafe.
The Journal Cafe is just outside the library entrance. This place specialises in chai tea and I have read really good reviews on They only take cash only. The decor here is lively and I loved the music. You can study here with a good pot of chai tea. Here you can relax with a pot of chai latte ($4 for a big pot) and $10 for a big bowl of soup.
Today I had the pot of chai ($4), a Portuguese tart ($3) and a friand ($2). Both the friand and Portuguese tart were overprieced. The friand was really sweet and tasted like shortbread. It was so little that I worked out the price to be $0.50. WRONG!!! It was $2. The portuguese tart had too much pastry and not enough egg filling in it. And it was too cold. But the chai was done perfectly with the perfect blend of spice. You can add your own honey and milk in it. The pot of chai is enough for two people.

Journal Canteen on Urbanspoon

This is big enough for two people

This looks burnt but its actually the brown sugar

I would come back here for the chai and maybe to try out the soup and some other hot dishes.

Eat @Mister Close in Bourke st

This place is like Pearson’s and Murphys in that it serves a range of great food. But the only thing that they don’t serve is cakes! How annoying, but then they have just started and the waitress is really down to earth and friendly. They also do catering and lunch orders (click on the website below to check out their menu and contact hours)
It is next to Starbucks (in the Target Arcade in Bourke st). This place is much better than Starbucks.
I was really hungry and today I had one passionfruit, chocolate and nut muffin ($4.50) and a hot chocolate ($4). The hot chocolate was really small. I was expecting bigger than this. The muffins were also small. For $4.50 I was expecting much bigger than this. I saw that other people’s meals were also small and they had to pay around $15-$20 for their meals.

Mister Close on Urbanspoon

The place and what its about

The interesting salt jar

My Hot chocolate

My muffin which was warm and slightly dry

The globe light. How cool is that?

The muffins tasted a little bit weird. It would have been better without the chocolate in it. I don’t think chocolate and passionfruit mix together really nicely. It just has this strange taste.
The hot chocolate was ok though. I’d come back for the hot chocolate.
I think that this is only a cash only place
Link to:

fuel espresso bar

Today I ate at the Fuel Espresso bar. It is a cafe specializing in coffees and hot drinks. It is just across the road from Moonee Ponds Station. You can catch the train and the station is right outside the cafe. Everytime I walk past the station to the supermarket, I can always see a throng of people at the Espresso place and I always see the specials outside on the board.
I checked this place online at and saw that many people really liked the place. So today I decided to check it out.
I sat inside. I loved the decor and the noise canceling walls. This meant that I couldn’t hear the trains outside, which was perfect as I wanted a quiet breakfast. There is outdoor seating, but its only for the people that love the trains coming in and out of the station and hearing the loud train horns. Besides today was too cold to sit outside.
They have really cheap meals there. Prices start from $6.90 for eggs and toast to $12.90 for pizza. They are only opened for lunch and breakfast. They do open on the weekends. Muffins are $4 each and drinks are from $2-$6. They also have a muffin and coffee deal ($5 or $6).You can make your own juice for $4.50/$5. They do gluten free meals. I’m not sure about vegetarian meals though.

Yeah my camera’s not really great at taking pictures in the sunlight/clouds.

See how perfect this is!

Fuel Espresso Bar & Cafe on Urbanspoon
But today I had a $12 breakfast combo which consisted of Eggs Benedict and Hot Chocolate. The eggs benedict was a bit small, but I really enjoyed it. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the sauce was really buttery. They should have put some vegetables with it or at least have the same combo but with veggies instead of ham. I think that the ham is champagne ham, because it is thin and flavoursome, but I’m not too sure. I liked it with the English muffins; a good option for people that don’t want to eat too much in one sitting.  I saw a plate of eggs and toast go past and the toast was huge! Next time I should try it.
The hot chocolate was huge and included two marshmallows. The hot chocolate was the same old but I did like the looks of it when it came out.
I think I would like to come back here with friends, preferably on a weekend where there is not that many trains around.

PerkUp Cafe

I went to PerkUp on a public holiday. I was going to go to one of the good crepe shops around but they were all closed.
The place was cramped and they had no toilets. This is the same with some of the other places near the train station.The closest one is in Southern Cross station. There was very limited seating inside. It would be hard when it rains to find a spot to sit. My guess is that they are trying to save money on the rent, as rent in Southern Cross is very high. Although the server did not speak good English, she was friendly. Due to a public holiday and the trackworks outside, not many people came. When the server talked about it, my guess was that it gets quite busy here.
I ordered a Green Tea ($3.80) and a Spicy Pumpkin wrap ($7.10). The pumpkin wrap was good, but really spicy. It was also really small for the price I paid. It was nice and warm, which makes we want to come back and try their soups in winter. Their speciality is Turkish bread sandwiches, but I wasn’t too hungry and the wraps appealed to me. For dessert I had their signature Yoyo ($2.50) and homemade Lindt tart ($2.00). The Yoyo was huge with lots and lots of cream. I like cream but not a lot of it. The yoyo was a little bit cold to my disliking. I think it stayed in the fridge overnight and then in the early hours of the morning they took it out and defrosted it. I loved the Lindt tart. The chocolate tasted like the sweet Lindt chocolate that you would find in a Lindt shop.

Some of the things that they sell

Perkup Expresso Bar on Urbanspoon

My wrap

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