Chillipadi and a disappointing lunch

Chillipadi is a Malaysian restaurant serving students and inner city workers. It is hidden in a laneway in Melbourne Central.

My bill which came out to $16. How expensive is that, considering I got inferior quality and not much service. 

Promotional poster

Where is this year’s cheap eats sign? Have they all decided to become very expensive?

Here they are open all hours for students.
The food here is not exactly cheap and some of the meals are not good value for money. They do have a 25% off the total bill discount in the Entertainment book, however I forgot to bring it.
But I do like the display on the counter and the quiet ambience. The place was not too packed. I could not understand why the waitress got some of the orders wrong. She got wrong two tables orders and it took ages to get her attention when I wanted to order. She was running around, looking flustered like a mad chook. She was knowledgeable and tried to sell me the beef rendang.
The bathrooms are around the corner from the restaurant next to Mee too. I think that Chillipadi are trying to save some money on rent by not putting the bathrooms inside their restaurant. I would have liked to see bathrooms inside the restaurant.
I had the $16 lunch special. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the food. It included one entree, one main and one drink. 
For entree I had the seafood gyoza. Here it was more like for soup and not panfried like they said it should be. They used the wonton skin instead of the thick gyoza skin. Not much seafood in there.
The lemonade was a bit meh. I would have liked to have a fresh lemon in it to make it a bit more presentable.
On to the mains. The mains was a terriyaki chicken dish with nori, cucumber and rice. This was more like a soya sauce chicken. I expected a bigger and much better main for the price I paid. The chicken was dry and tough in some areas.  The rice was placed under the chicken and the nori. I expected the rice to be placed in a separate place like some other dishes.
The sauce overpowered the dish a bit. So much that the rice was really soggy. The sauce was right though.
The nori and the cucumber were lovely though.
Upon payment the service staff asked me whether or not I enjoyed the meal. Just to be polite I said yes, sacarstically. But it’s INFURIATING AND IRRITATING when they ask their customers. We would tell you if we enjoyed the meal, instead of you asking us. What else can I say besides yes, I enjoyed the meal.
Sadly I would not return unless their service and food improves. A tip to them, next time when someone comes to the counter and pays don’t ask them if they enjoyed the meal. They will tell you if they have. AND SMILE FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!

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