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sushi and dessert @queen st

Today was a lovely day to have sushi. I have read many reviews on Dontoo and decided to visit there. I have heard it was really good.
Dontoo is on Queen st near the law buildings. Here you can take the free city circle tram from RMIT and get off at Queen st. It is really small, like all the other buildings up that end and the bathroom is outside. You need to get a key for it and unlock the door. It is really dirty inside. If you can hold on for a while, great!
The waitress was really friendly and a real Japanese waitress. You don’t get that much here in Melbourne. In most of the Melbourne Japanese take away joints they are either Chinese or Australian.
Dontoo was really popular. Being such a small place it was really crowded and there was a line of people all wanting takeaway. There is no outdoor seating though.
Today I had a miso soup and chirashi don for $10.50. The rice was a little bit too warm for this dish, but the sashimi, vegetables, cold tofu and ginger in this dish redeemed itself. I think that they should have left out the rice all together and put more vegetables in there.

DonToo on Urbanspoon

The miso soup was really good though. I would come back here to try the bento box and soba salad. The bento box from a couple of tables away looked really good.

After lunch I felt like a chocolate fix and saw a pie face nearby so I stopped there. Here Pie face specialises in pies small or big. I had a small, cold, sickly sweet pear and ricotta pie. I couldn’t taste much of the ricotta in it though.  The hot chocolate I had was quite nice. Altogether my pie and chocolate costed $5.95. The wait staff there were quite unfriendly (with exception to the guy that asked me quite politely if he can take the spare chair after a lady left. Mind you I had to share a table with someone.)

My horribly cold pie and my lovely chocolate

The other lady’s unfinished pie. I had to take it for you just to see how horrible the place is

The decor was really nice though. The pies looked really nice, but take one bite inside and they’re horrid. The lady who I sat with told me so. It tasted so horrid that she left bits of her pie behind. I managed to take a picture of it before it was taken away just to show you how horrid it was.
I would come back here only just for the hot chocolate.


Routley’s cafe

This café specialises in pies, bread and cakes. It is actually a bakery. I have read a lot of good things about this café on They do some really good sandwiches, but I didn’t have a chance to try them.
Today I had the $7 big breakfast, which includes bacon, eggs and toast. Most, like this one will ask you how you would like your eggs done. There are three methods; poached, fried or scrambled. I choose scrambled because this is the way that my eggs are always done in the cafes and I wanted to compare the cafes to the others.
The Big breakfast can easily feed two people or one hungry person, because they had put quite a lot of bacon in it. I couldn’t finish all the bacon.

I also had a hot chocolate ($3.70), which was quite small. I expected a bit larger than that.
I can definitely say that I’ll be back to try out their pies with a friend and use up the offer of buy one get one free pies from my book.

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