Visa Issues

The application costs $565 to process in Australia. It does not cover your English language test fees as well as your Health check fees which are $300.
Then there are the English language test fees which are between $150-$400. For some courses you might have to sit a English language test.
You can only work 20 hours per week on your visa unless you are on holidays from uni. If immigration finds that you are in breach of that policy you will be kicked out of the country.

You can bring your family here if you want but they too have the 20 hour per week working restriction
You then have to maintain good grades otherwise you will be kicked out of your course and country according to RMIT’s policy. If not you will be reported to Immigration by RMIT International and you will have to explain the bad grades.

Make sure that you choose a good migration agent as there are some dodgy ones around. Ask friends and family which migration agent they found was useful.

Another condition that you must have is Overseas Health cover. In Australia this costs around $300-$400 depending on which health insurance company you choose. Should you need some medical treatment in Australia this can insure you and you might not have to pay a single cent depending on what you signed up for and what your insurance covers.  But if you don’t have health cover you will have to pay lots more. The only students that are exempted are the Swedish, Norwegian and Belgian students who have their own insurance covered by their government.

You also need to find somewhere to live and make sure that you inform RMIT of your address withing seven days of moving there.

Universities should also make sure that you have good English language skills before you commence study. Some of them like RMIT don’t. RMIT offers foundation courses and English language courses but for some students it might not be enough to study successfully here. You might have to do VCE in Melbourne before going to RMIT. There are several schools in Melbourne which happily accepts international students. Check out: for more information

Students often bribe lecturers in some subjects and universities just to get good grades so that they can stay in Australia. This is not allowed. There has been a few instances at RMIT where International students bribed their lecturers for good grades.

Most students at some point or another feel homesick. This is not uncommon and there are ways around that such as doing your research about Melbourne before you come to Melbourne. Another way is to join RMIT Mate and talk to someone who is already in Australia and studying.

For most International students plagiarism is a problem as their English is not as good as local students. In the last year or two this problem is reoccurring in RMIT,  particularly for RMIT business students. Plagiarism is where one copies someone else’s idea and use it as their own without acknowledging the source. There are really harsh penalties for this.

In 2005 a lot of students from RMIT business, particularly Asian students applied for Special consideration due to anxiety problems. Most of the Asian students didn’t have good English and haven’t really got used to the idea of living away from home. In their Special consideration applications many said that they were “ill” and got doctors to give them medical certificates just so that they can sit the exam at a later date.  Now this is not on and hence in 2007 RMIT tightened its policy on special consideration.