sea salt

Sea salt is located in Degraves st, opposite Flinders st station. It specialises in fresh fish, sushi and seafood. This is a really healthy place for people that like healthy foods such as me. It is just a short walk from Uni. It was really cramped in there and it had no toilet. Lots of people came. The nearest toilet is in Flinders st station. There was an $11.90 fish special consisting of grilled fish and salad or chips. I choose the salad option because I really liked salad and also ordered an inari ($2.00)
The fish plate was huge and the fish was really fresh and beautifully done. It took them a while to do it, but it was worth it. The tartare sauce was tangy which I liked.

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Sorry if you can’t see the lemon, my camera can’t take pictures well in the sun

I think the salad had a little bit too much dressing to it, but it was really fresh. If it didn’t have so much dressing it would have tasted nicer. You can buy single salads for $5.50 (sml)/$7 (huge). I saw some of the other people’s plates and their portions were really huge!
I would definitely come back here with friends.