Eat at Simply Spanish

Simply Spanish is a place recommended by the Age Cheap eats. Whilst I walked past it a few times, I was keen to try the place. The smell of paella cooking outside is AMAZING!!! But it was always too crowded and a little expensive.
But when I heard that it was $12.50 a plate, I’d figured that I’d go try.

So I went and the place was really lively. Couldn’t quite understand all the hype because the seafood in my $12.50 paella did not live up to my expectations. The calamari was a bit tough and the mussels weren’t cooked right through; the shells were closed. I loved the rice and the flavourings… they were really good. But there was a little too much flavourings and too little chorizo in it. What I would love to see was a little more chorizo. They forgot to cut off some of the fat and the grizzle off the chicken, but the chicken was cooked all the way through like it should be.
Paella is a Spanish dish cooked outside and it involves Spanish rice, flavourings, seafood, chicken, beef etc. And it involves mussels and calamari.
I also had the bread and oil, which I thought it was for free, but it wasn’t. IT WAS $2.50 WHICH THE WAITRESS SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!!!!

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