I know that this is expensive but it is a MUST for every student. It is one of the visa conditions. Medibank has good OSHC and you can apply for it online before you come to Australia and when you are here you can pick up your card from the Hub @RMIT. If and when you go to the doctor/pharmacy show them your card and you might not have to pay a single cent and if you do you can go to Medibank to get your money (or some of it depending your policy)  If you are a new student at RMIT you also get a free goodie bag at the start of semester which includes a copy of the FeelBetter rewards program. You can sign up for this and if you do you will get heaps of discounts on health and lifestyle products. You can have oshc for your entire program. So for three years its about $1440.00 and for four years its about $1920.00. You can claim straightaway on most extras.


Join up with St Johns Ambulance as you save on ambulance fees if you need to. Its about $60 for singles.