Breakfast at Ikea

Ikea is a big furniture and homewares department that is in Richmond. This company is from Sweden. They have lots of cheap things for you to take home. The store is in Victoria plaza, near the corner of Victoria and Burnley sts (zone 1). Here you can catch a 109 tram from the city to this or you can do what I did which is take the trams 75 or 48 to Bridge rd and then just walk ten minutes from there.
But they also have a cafe and mini market. It is here that I went to to try their delicious and cheap food. Here they have breakfast food that is priced under $5. Their meals are priced between $2.50-$3 and hence this is mainly self serve. There are some gluten free and vegetarian meals here. There is a free membership to the IKEA family club and that entitles one to discounts such as free coffee.
I had a vegetarian breakfast, cinnamon scroll, hot chocolate and some Swedish cake that I don’t remember the name of. But hey it was really nice. Altogether it was $7.95. Sweet!
But the hot chocolate you had to do it yourself without any help with the machine. Mine turned out to be watery. I like it when they do it for me, like they used to. It was all nice and foamy. Its not the same.
But the breakfast filled me up though. I would have liked it a bit better if they had provided some sauce. And its great that they didn’t provide bread, instead two potato hashbrowns. This is more healthier this way.
I loved the cinnamon scroll. It was nice with lots of bursts of flavour.

Later on I went to the Swedish food market which is outside the check out.  Here they had lots of cheap food and specials for you to take home and enjoy. Here everything is between $10-$20. You can also find chocolate, coffee and tea for around $3-$6.  I also found out that my cake is sold here in big bundles. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures and the security guy was watching me like a hawk. A tip to them: next time if you want shoppers to look around don’t employ security guards that watch people like a hawk and not be friendly. If you don’t want people taking pictures just put a sign saying no pictures allowed!

This really reminded me of a school canteen or a boarding school dining hall. When you have finished your food you have to put your tray of dirty dishes in the big trolleys and the kitchen staff will empty it.  Here it was filled with young mums and kids and I reckon that Eat, Play and shop and Miss Adriennely would love to come here.
To the lady that served me: it would have been nice if you asked me if I know how to use the machine or at least smile, instead of look dead tired.I got confused using the machine and couldn’t ask for help.
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