coffee tasting sessions

These are free, fun and a good way to know lots more about good coffee. This is free for everyone.You get to taste them, sniff the beans and coffees and get a chance to mingle with people.
There are usually five or six different blends that you get to try by the different cafes and coffee houses. Each coffee house has their own times for the tastings. It is best to check with them as to which times.
They usually give you a sheet in which to write down the different flavours and textures of the coffees tried.

I did mine at Market lane coffee in Prahran. The guy was pretty friendly and he stuck around for a bit discussing coffee.

Market lane does not much else but coffee. However they do sell coffee beans and their special coffee tastings; 3 cups for 2 people for $12.

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These guys are actually quite serious about their coffees. I did have a chance one time to sample their food and loved their bread.

If ever you are around at Prahran Market this is the place to go for coffee.

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