Today I went to Victoria Market and I came across a place called Gozlemes. With that name I thought that they might be selling the gozameles (A turkish bread). But no such luck. They did however sell turkish coffees, boreks, pitas, cakes and other Turkish Delights.
It is in zone 1 and in the city saver zone. Here you can catch a tram going on Elizabeth st towards the north and get off at the Victoria Market stop. There it is only just a few minutes walk
The decors is very lovely and comoforting. The ambiance is not as loud as 3 Degrees and I did actually end up having a good time.
The server there was very friendly and she seemed to know a lot about turkish coffee.
Their coffee is supplied by Jasper coffee. This is one of the coffee brands that I really liked.
I had the borek and turkish coffee deal for $7.90.
The turkish coffee is supposed to be without milk but people can order milk if they want. Its supposed to be strong and not so sweet. It tastes a bit bitter, but none the less I liked it. The turkish coffee came with a turkish delight. Although it is a bit small I did enjoy the coffee punch.

The pastry was a bit thinner than the filo pastry and I really enjoyed eating the borek. It was so yummy.
The turkish delight was really sweet and it added the sweetness to the coffee.
All in all I had a really good time here. I’m not sure if they are mentioned in the Age good cafe guide but they should be if they aren’t.
Students you will really enjoy coming here and Eat and be merry for tommorrow we diet blog, The chronicles of Ms I hua and Miss Adriennely should come and check it out