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Dinner at Shakhari

Last night I went out for a free dinner with RUSU Realfoods team. This free dinner was to thank us for our hard work.
Here we walked from our cafe to a place called Shakhari. This place is asian, namely Indian and Vegetarian. It has a very homely feeling.
To start off with we had drinks. They do have wines and beers on offer as well as non alcholic drinks such as lassi.
I had a green tea ($3.00 each), my friend had a chai.
For starters we had;
1) Some sort of cabbage roll
2) Salad
3) More salads
For the mains, which by the way we had to wait for more than half an hour for it:
3) Curry
4) Some sort of rice
5) Satay sticks
6) Some sort of vegetarian plate
7) Potato cakes.
People had dessert after, but I had to go and I also didn’t want dessert.
I think that Here’s the veg would enjoy going out here., but they might not enjoy the wait!

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Eat @Mister Close in Bourke st

This place is like Pearson’s and Murphys in that it serves a range of great food. But the only thing that they don’t serve is cakes! How annoying, but then they have just started and the waitress is really down to earth and friendly. They also do catering and lunch orders (click on the website below to check out their menu and contact hours)
It is next to Starbucks (in the Target Arcade in Bourke st). This place is much better than Starbucks.
I was really hungry and today I had one passionfruit, chocolate and nut muffin ($4.50) and a hot chocolate ($4). The hot chocolate was really small. I was expecting bigger than this. The muffins were also small. For $4.50 I was expecting much bigger than this. I saw that other people’s meals were also small and they had to pay around $15-$20 for their meals.

Mister Close on Urbanspoon

The place and what its about

The interesting salt jar

My Hot chocolate

My muffin which was warm and slightly dry

The globe light. How cool is that?

The muffins tasted a little bit weird. It would have been better without the chocolate in it. I don’t think chocolate and passionfruit mix together really nicely. It just has this strange taste.
The hot chocolate was ok though. I’d come back for the hot chocolate.
I think that this is only a cash only place
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TOFWD- The Organic Food and Wine Deli

tuna nori rolls

poster advertising the fact that going organic is healthy

my green tea

energy balls made from organic trail mix

spelt (a type of wheat) cereal

more organic goodness

my meal which included salad

date: 24/3/11
                This deli is located in Degraves st, which is well known for their fine food. The people there are really lovely and the serves of their food are huge. This is pretty much like RUSU realfoods, except that they serve breakfast. Here I had two sushi rolls and tea, which all adds up to $10.30. I found that their rice was a bit dry and too much soya sauce. They used brown rice, which tends to dry out quickly in sushi. But the fresh ingredients and fast and friendly service made up for it. Im willing to give this another try.

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