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Going out to Chi chi, Max brenner and $10.50 movie

It was raining today and I really wanted to catch up with friends just before my exam (just to take a break from study).
So a friend and I went to Chi Chi on Keilor Road in Niddrie. There they are serviced by the 59 trams and it is in zone 1. They are Vietnamese with a Chinese influence restaurant.
Today the restaurant was not too packed. We managed to get there by about 1:15pm and got out at 2:05pm.
Here they do cheap meals. They have an $8 lunch special on everyday as well as your usual Vietnamese/Chinese fare.
Here I my usual rice vermicelli noodles, but this time instead of spring rolls I got it with lemongrass chicken ($9.50). Friend A got the vegetarian fried rice ($8.50). And we both shared a plate of vegetarian rice paper rolls ($6) and a pot of green tea ($2.80). The pot of green tea is nothing much to write about because it was made with a lipton tea bag.
I had a chance to sample Friend A’s vegetarian rice and found it bland and boring as well as extremely salty. They could have put just a tad more sauce to go with it.
My meal was not too bad, but it was nothing mind blowing. In fact I hated the pickled carrots in there. It was way too strong.

$10.50 ticket
Friend A said that she had 2 $10.50 ticket which we were able to use to see Contagion and so we did. She got them at Melbourne Central. But we can use them at any Hoyts cinemas. So we saw Contagion at Highpoint shopping centre. Highpoint shopping centre is huge and this place was packed full of people.
The movie though was really good and dramatic.

Ice cream at Max Brenner’s in Highpoint.
After Friend A and I bought the tickets we had about an hour to kill. So we decided to try out Max brenner in Highpoint. I haven’t been to any Max brenner in a while. But A said that Max brenner is still good. I wanted to try their ice creams and their new dessert special.
A and I both shared the toffee apple crepes ($14.50 each). A had the chocolate mocha frappe ($7.60) and she loved it. Their new dessert special was not particularly mind blowing. The best part would have to be the ice cream. The apples tasted like they were too canned, but A disagreed. The apples made the pancake a little soggy and hard to enjoy. However they did not put too much sauce on it which is good.

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N-lee bakery and a visit to collins place

N-tran bakery is a Vietnamese bakery. There are two stores in Melbourne, one in the city and the other in Smith st Collingwood.
I went to the one in the city because that is close to where I work. It is easily accessible by the routes 109, 112, 48 and 31 trams. You get off at the corner of exhibition and collins st and turn left if from the city or the south side and turn right if you came from the eastern suburbs.
Alternatively you can catch a train to Parliament station and get out on the Collins st side. Walk towards exhibition st and turn right. It is on the corner of Lt Collins and Exhibition sts opposite Bridie Mc Reileys.
The place was really busy and there were queues from the doorway inwards. The servers there were too busy and I had to wait in the queue.
They have limited food, mainly sandwiches and soups. But they do have Bhanh mi (A vietnamese sandwich with meat, Vietnamese salad, cucumber and   parsley) for $5.50. But if you wanted chicken it is an extra $1.00. There is one vegetarian sandwich though.
So I had that as well as hot chocolate about $3.50.  The Bhanh mi was better than the one that was served last year at the Taste of Melbourne by Longrain. This Bhanh mi was not soggy and the pate was lovely. I would have liked a bit more pickled carrots though. It looked a bit small but very tasty though.
The guy next to me ordered soup and his soup was huge for $5.50. Note to self: next time when I’m here I should go for the soup.

The hot chocolate came halfway through the meal, which was a bit strange. I thought that it would have come before my sandwich. But never the less I liked it. It was filling.

But I just couldn’t resist a sweet temptation so I ordered a yoyo ($1.80). This was nicely done, not crumbly and not too sweet.
Next time when I return I will try and come back in a quieter time when someone can easily serve me quickly. I liked the pricing. It caters for both students and workers alike. I will recommend this place to Miss Adriennely. And to all those international students who are Vietnamese and miss their ole cuisine.

After lunch I went for a walk around Collins place. Here it has Kino cinemas, Kenzan, food court, Dymocks, and other speciality shops. I went to visit the Chocolate box.  The chocolate box is a chocolate store selling handmade chocolates and gifts.  Here I got to sample a licorice barrel. This was well crafted and it is sold for $18 a kilo. They also have some handmade chocolates as gifts.

Another store I went to is Dymocks. Here they sell reasonably priced books. It is one of the last stores standing in the book chain. It wasn’t very busy when I went in. I hope they don’t close down soon.

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