Koko Black @Lygon st by Katherine

I went to the Koko black on Lygon st having high expectations of it. And the place did not disappoint. In fact it was heaven here.
And I was wowed by all the chocolate. Yummy.
Whilst I was there I got to try some caramel chocolate which was sweet and tasted like toffee. Apparently they do give out samples of chocolate to their customers and I was one of them.

The service was a tad bit slow and unattentitive. I did have to call the waiter a few times. Perhaps they were thinking about going home and not about the customer?

I checked out the bathrooms whilst I was there. It is behind a door and down a very small ramp.
I had the doughnut special( $12.50) with a Green tea ($5 for a pot was a bit pricey. But given that it was a Chanella brand _I forgave them).
The french doughnut (Beignets)  special sounded great and it was a wintry day so I felt like lots of comfort food. Here this special was really good. The doughnuts melted in the mouth like what they should. These were handmade.
The chocolate sauce= heavenly. I could easily hang here all day and night and watch them make chocolate and the world go by.
I loved the ice cream. It was very creamy but smooth.

Given the price I’d probably not visit as much as I’d like to. But I’d happily recommend the place to tourists and all Melburnians alike.

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