thefts and melbourne city

Melbourne city is relatively safe, but like all other cities you need to be aware of your surroundings and make sure that you watch all your belongings.

I once left a bag on a chair in a restaurant and I was sitting beside it. I turned away from the chair to say hi to a friend that was working there and the next minute it was gone. It had all my bank id, student id, $1500 cash to pay the rent, my keys, notebooks, phone, iPod etc.

I then had to replace them and report it to the police which was not fun by the way. I also had to cancel my bank cards and get a new student id.

I cancelled my phone account and got a new number straightaway. But I had to wait about half an hour in the line.

I also then had paid $800 to Unilodge just to buy a new key and also had to borrow money from my parents to pay the rent and for the key. At that time I was working for 7-11 a convenience store. My parents were very angry that I was not careful with my stuff.

So was it worth all the trouble just because I was not careful with my stuff? No.

The lesson learned is be careful with your stuff. Always put it in your lap when you are sitting. And if standing carry it or put it in between your legs. Don’t get too distracted by people or music. Don’t take too much cash with you unless you really need to. Try not to take your bank card out with you all the time- just use it if you need to take some cash out. If you need to leave take all your stuff with you. And if you do happen to lose it report it to the police straightaway and cancel all the bank cards so that no one else touches your money.

I also heard that one of my friends lost their stuff in the library when she left her bags there to go look for books. When she came back it was gone.