Cacao Green

by newintstudents

I have been wanting to try this place. In orientation I was given a promotional pamphlet, hence I went to try this place. I read a few reviews online and found that people did generally enjoy this place. This place is run by real Japanese people and they serve fair trade drinks and organic food. I ate inside because the weather was really bad.
I thought that this place was just about yoghurt. But it sells pastries and waffles. I didn’t feel like waffles today so I went for the almond croissant ($3.90). There is a $5.50 coffee deal, where you get one coffee and a pastry for that price, but I don’t drink coffee. Instead I went for a green tea latte, which tasted a little weird. I wasn’t used to the taste of green tea and milk. But it was good though, considering the weather outside which was shockingly bad. It took ages to come out too, with the pastry being the first one out. The tea should come out before the pastry.

My Green tea latte

The different toppings for the yoghurt

The pastry was good though. I like to eat pastry when it is hot. It was so soft. When it is too cold it is leathery.
To attract more people they could include in their coffee deal, other drinks like green tea latte, chai and hot chocolate.
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