Financial advice

by newintstudents

Financial tips for new international students.
Do you need some help sorting out your finances for the first time in Melbourne? Is this your first time away from home? If so here are some tips
1) Cheap banking- Commonwealth bank has a student account with $0 fees and the most atms all over Australia and they have branches and ATMs at RMIT which students can use free of charge.  Students can also use Bankwest atms free of charge as they belong to Commonwealth bank.
2) use your freebies/ concessions. As a student you have many concessions except for public transport of course. But you can always get more at Orientation day.

3) Apply for a TFN
4) Join RUSU for $30- $60 this year- If you join RUSU you can get an ISIC card, a goodie bag with a keepcup, discounted club memberships and discounted entry to events.

5) Budgeting- we all need to do this and the best idea is to get RMIT student services to help you do this as they have some expert financial advisors.

6) make sure you have enough money before you depart your home country. Did you know that you need $50000 AUD? Well now you do. For tuition and everything. Work doesn’t come easy as you will find out.

7) Shop at Markets and discount places such as Costco- not only do they save you lots of money it is also good for you and some of the items last a while.

8) Spend online- did you know that you can save online for most entertainments and stuff and its much easier? It is. If you have an online bank account you can use this to pay people as well as buy discounted tickets to shows and stuff.

9) Use your keepcup when you buy coffees. You can get many discounts by using your cup to buy coffee and it saves the planet.

10) Buy an Entertainment book for $65- they have heaps of offers. Go check it out here.